atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4362: Blasting through the twilight again

Had a couple of little errands to run, so I hopped on the bike for the first time in a week or so. Last time I had put some carb cleaner in the gas tank and added about half a gallon, but hadn't gone anywhere thereafter.

First stop: work. I wanted to pick up another HDD enclosure, and when I found the new spot where they were supposed to be, the shelf was empty. Sighing unhappily, I had a little gander around the other side, and found that they were on clearance. (The clearance price was still significantly higher than the price I get with my employee discount.) Two open boxes, one unusued, and I grabbed that one and made for the registers.

On the way back I was able to take the off-ramp unhindered by slowpokes, with the result that I entered the curve at 60 MPH. By the time I got to the merge, I was at about 65, and once I'd merged I realized something was a little bit off about my situation...looked at the speedo and saw that I was going 75 so I let up on the throttle, laughing, and dropped back to 65. When you "slow, look, press, roll" you are supposed to maintain some awareness of your speed, but since everyone around me was accelerating and I was keeping up with them, and the bike was planted to the pavement like a 3,000 year old redwood--yeah.

Stopped at the grocery store for some sundries, then came home again.

The bike is running much smoother and it feels as if I got some power back. Roaring along at 65 moves fuel smartly through the carbs, and the carb cleaner has had some time to work on loosening the deposits, so I think she'll be all right now.

A very nice ride, though, with no dickheads whatsoever for once. The weather was gorgeous, too.

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