atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4363: Found it again!

The "Safety Dance" literal video was removed from YouTube, but it's here and I'm glad. I should probably rip the audio....

* * *

Thanks to the new hard drive enclosure I was able to listen to some of the music that had remained stored on Cephiro. For a long time I have maintained a folder called "Audio Capture" which is where I keep my music, and it's something like 30 GB now. (That would be a good reason to buy one of those ultra-cheap $20 64 GB thumb drives at work: make a backup.)

The drive also contains lots of anime, and I was pleased to see that the files that hiccoughed and ran out of sync on Cephiro do not do so on Floristica. Now all I need is about a thirty-foot HDMI cable! *whimper*

To my surprise, the batteries in my label maker had enough juice in them to power the thing up and make a label for me which reads "1 TB MULTIMEDIA", which is how I labeled the drive enclosure so that I don't confuse it with the one that has the 320 GB drive that was Cephiro's boot drive for years. (Until I had the disastrous encounter with the registry cleaner that totally janked the system.)

Cephiro still has another 1 TB drive in it which is perhaps 1/3 full of anime and such. At some point I must decide whether to remove the 320 from its enclosure, and substitute this one, or to simply buy another enclosure. We'll see.

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