atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4368: Blasting through the night at 65

Today it was so egregiously sunny outside I decided to take the bike to work.

On the way in, the headwind was a bit stiff, but not too bad. I was passed by a guy on a bike who had to be doing at least 100 MPH, and I thought he was crazy as a june bug.

Work was work, though it was a pretty calm day for a change. Got out at about 9:15 and rode home, enjoying the hell out of the clear early autumn night with its waxing gibbous moon and all. (I couldn't actually do 65 for most of my ride on the interstate because I was behind other people who were going slower than that, but it's all good.)

It was only the second (or third?) time I rode the bike to work, and the first time I rode to work when I was closing.

Have to say, it's a good way to commute as long as you're not going very far. I wouldn't want to be going to Downer's Grove or someplace on that bike, that's for sure. My bike is fairly powerful for its size, but go much faster than 60 MPH and it's howling. Apparently it has a top speed of 100 MPH, but at that speed it would be screaming like a banshee.

I'd be happier going long distances with a bike that had at least one more cylinder, preferably two. That's not in the cards this week, though, and in fact I don't need that capability anyway.

Further, deponent sayeth not.

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