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#4369: Intemperate and poltically incorrect thoughts. As usual.

So, the other day, I was talking to my coworker N, who is of hispanic descent and speaks Spanish fluently.

Because she is fluent in Spanish, she is usually called upon to deal with customers who only speak Spanish. She was telling me about one hispanic person in particular who--among other things--was complaining about the fact that only a few people working for the store speak Spanish. "Everyone who works here ought to speak Spanish!" this person said to N.

N: "You know what? Everybody around you is thinking that you ought to speak fuckin' English!"

Couldn't agree more, actually. America is an English-speaking country. Get used to it.

Fred Reed reminds us that our self-styled betters in D.C. have basically invited all the illegal immigrants, through both lax enforcement of immigration laws and periodically promulgating laws which legalize illegals who manage to stay here long enough.

* * *

This article asks the question, "What Happens When It’s Easier To Pay No Wages Rather Than A Minimum?"

At $15 an hour (current dollars) it's more cost-effective to automate. And then, instead of a crew of eight or ten people manning a McDonald's at any one time, there'll be maybe two or three technicians, whose job it is only to make sure the machines are filled and operating correctly, and to rectify any defiencies.

* * *

For seven years now our government has been putting a band-aid over the bad economy, and it's not going to work forever.

* * *

Bill Clinton promised Ukraine that if they got rid of their nukes, the US would help defend them against invaders. Now we see what a promise from the US is worth.

Why should anyone trust the United States?

* * *

John C. Wright demolishes the notion that Starship Troopers depicts a fascist utopia.

* * *

We had lunch/dinner at Fuddrucker's. First time I ate there since 1992. A bit pricy, but good hamburgers.

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