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#5372: The knee of the asymptote

According to WHO figures, which only count reported cases (obviously), the ebola outbreak has reached the tipping point. If it's a true exponential expansion, then the number of cases should double in 1.5 weeks since it took about 3 weeks for the last doubling.

Hope that it's not, because a true exponential progression will mean very, very bad things.

* * *

Adult incontinence products are also going asymptotic.

* * *

Social scientists have determined that conservatives are stupid because they asked drunk and/or distracted people poltical questions and got mostly conservative answers.

...except that they did not take any control data (such as asking the same questions of the same people when they were sober/paying attention) which naturally relegates this study to the approximate status of horseshit.

* * *

"...[I]s there a franchise in which the movie adaption got the story right?" The answer to that question is NO.

Lord of the Rings was probably the best screen adaptation of a novel (or series thereof) because it stayed very, very true to the source material...but it still played games with the canon, because a truly faithful adaptation would have taken sixteen or eighteen hours to tell (rather than twelve) and that's simply too long.
Authors, screenwriters, and Hollywood powers that be, they don’t understand stories anymore. They’ve forgotten how to write them. They often start with a good premise, but then bend the story to be relevant to what they suppose a modern audience wants or to tell a modern morality tale as they believe morality to be.
Hollywood has taken to writing movies to a specific formula, and it revolves around pacing and emotional tension.

Quoth that last link: "If you look close enough, you will find [the formula]’s beats in the exact order, and almost by the minute, in virtually every major movie release in theaters today."

"It can make writing easier," the article concludes, "but conversely, it can also stifle creativity."

Do tell.

* * *

An aide to Attorney General Eric Holder accidentally calls the wrong Congresscritter for help in spinning the IRS political attack scandal.

Holder's aide wanted some documents leaked to the press so they could "answer" them, but instead of calling the correct Congresscritter, this idiot called the office of the Congressman who is conducting the investigation.

But it won't end up making a difference in all this. No one's going to go to jail, or lose his job, over any of this.

* * *

Dinner tonight was originally supposed to be goulash, but Mrs. Fungus and I fell asleep after having the Hot Dogs of DOOM again. I don't know what it is about the hot dogs from that place that does it, but it puts us both into comas.

"Excuse me, but what kind of barbiturates do you put in these things?"


Anyway, despite that, I got the grass cut, so it can rain like the Deluge tomorrow for all I care.

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