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I suppose I need to learn how to link pictures.

Megumi's Diary, part two

In the space of about three days, I've drawn eight layout pages. When I draw layouts they are pretty detailed, anyway, because I never know when I'll get around to drawing the finished ones. The layouts always look better than the finished pages turn out, anyway. I'm thinking of learning how to trace them.

Several pages show the first confrontation between Megumi and her someday-best-friend, Jun Mizuhara--and the only thing keeping that from being a full-blown cat fight is the flying fur. Megumi is scary; she has a way of insulting a person with a smile on her face--but at least it settles rather quickly Jun's question of whether Megumi is stupid or good-natured: she is obviously not stupid.

But having seen this, now, I know how the two girls become friends--and I can make it happen pretty quickly, I think, too, which is even better.

The Hand

I have told several friends about this phenomenon. There is the often-quoted proverb about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Well, when it comes to drawing comics, the entire rest of me does not know what my right hand is doing. The Hand has its own agenda--one I am usually not privy to--so most of the time I don't know what a page will end up looking like until it begins to take shape before me.

And the really galling thing is, the Hand has better sense than I do. It's always right. *snicker* heh, it's my right's always right...tee hee. When the page is done, even though it looks little or nothing like what I was planning, I see how much better this way is.

I suppose I should be glad that this is limited to artwork. All it does is make my comics better; at least I don't have an evil right hand. What would I do then?

So Why Link Pictures?

Well, obviously, so that I can inflict the Hand's my comics on the Internet, of course. As soon as this entry is done I'm going to be scanning the images. I suppose I can work out how to link images Sunday or Monday when I've got some time off. So, you never know...this blog may become a webcomic--or at least a link to one....

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