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John C. Wright spins an epic tale that anyone who ever played an RPG with a pickup group can relate to.

"...[T]he moral of the story is this: in roleplaying games in general, and in games like the type I run in particular, IQ goes down as firepower goes up."

Wright seems to have a flair for combining widely disparate fantastic elements into a coherent whole.

* * *

From the humorous to the sobering: there is no economic recovery for most of the country.

Astrophysicists say that we can observe only 10% of the universe, that the rest is invisible. Apparently the coastal elites only see 10% of the people of the country.

Teriffic: the average American is dark matter to the elites. Well, that's not terribly surprising, is it?

* * *

The goulash has only been going for a couple of hours, but it already smells heavenly. The biggest problem with making a pot of goulash is waiting for it to be done.


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