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#4377: Yes, I most definitely needed that mental health day yesterday.

This morning the alarm clock went off at the same time it did yesterday morning, but with different results. Today when I woke up, I didn't feel like throwing the switch on the ultimate nullifier and causing a Total Existence failure of the entire universe.

I was, in fact, able to get up and go to work without having to crowbar myself out of bed; I didn't even have to cajole myself into motion. I just got up and went and did.

Yesterday I did not have any strength. Today I did. Praise be to God.

* * *

As the global economy stalls, having reached the end of the economic expansion that simply printing money can prompt, the price of commodities will necessarily crater, including crude oil.

Gas was fixing to go over $4 a gallon here in the Fungal Vale, at least until this happened.

The depression is only going to get worse, regardless. If gas is $4 a gallon (or more) it's going to choke any possible recovery, but if it's naturally around $3 a gallon (I paid $3.62 this evening) it means that the global economy is in the shitter and unemployment will get worse.

Damned if we do, damned if we don't. It's a real shame that the system wasn't allowed to correct itself in 2007; sure, that would have put a lot of Wall Street Bankers out of jobs, but the pain would probably be over by now and we'd be in a solid recovery.

Instead, we get this, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. Pray that it doesn't get much worse before it starts getting better.

* * *

Today, when I got to work, it was to the revelation that they have once again "improved" the software I must use all day every day. They have "improved" it such that it is less convenient and more clunky, requiring that I log back into the system if I am away from it more than five minutes. Everything now runs in browser windows, so that there is even less space on the 15" Point of Sale monitor than there was before, and in the bargain now the service order application has become almost unreliable: if I type in someone's phone number, it's a crapshoot whether or not it'll return any information or simply tell me that it couldn't find anything, and it requires logging out and back in again (for which I must enter my password at least twice) to get it to return useful information.

I expect that this fancy new software works splendidly on the high-end PCs used by the executives who almost never need to use the shit.

The other frustrating thing: it seems like every damned time I want to do something simple to a client's computer I first must wait half an hour for it to run updates. Today I told a woman's PC to shut down, but instead of simply shutting down the goddamned thing cranked away at updating itself for twenty fuckin' minutes. All I wanted to do was to shut it down so I could pop the wireless card out and reseat it, but of course I had to wait.

It's like, DON'T YOU ASSHOLES EVER LET WINDOWS UPDATE RUN? This great pillock exchanged his laptop, last week, for a new one because the old one failed updates and hung at rolling them back. What did he bring his laptop in for today? Well, it failed at updating and hung at rolling back, of course. You know what that means the problem really is? PEBCAK, that's what--Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard. When the screen says "DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER" what do you think that means? You're a fuckin' moron and you are too stupid to use computers. Here is your money back, which is what I am not allowed to say to him.


* * *

But work was over pretty quickly--surprisingly so, considering--and I bolted at 5 PM because my patience had worn thin. Tomorrow is another one.

* * *

iPhone 6 is coming out soon. I wouldn't wipe my nose on that junk.

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