atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4380: Welcome to Windows 8.1

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss--but a little bit niftier. Whee!

Last night, before bed, I told Windows to go ahead and upgrade to 8.1. This evening after work--there was a little bit of a mistake on my part because I didn't realize at first that my mouse buttons were set for right-handed use. (I am right-handed, but I use my mouse with my left hand, because my right hand is more prone to carpal tunnel than my left. All those late nights playing Ultima III on the C-64 put more strain on my right wrist than my left, and here we are.)

Anyway, once I figured out why the mouse wouldn't click, the install finished and now my machine's OS is up to date. Can't complain about that.

* * *

"Respect for the Aged Day" has been a national holiday in Japan for decades. It's nothing new and there's nothing bizarre about it.

* * *

As government forces the costs of minimum wage employment higher, the industries that employ the most minimum wage workers are finding ways to do without as many of them. All as predictable as the tides, I might add...predictable, that is, assuming that you're not a liberal Democrat.

* * *

Fred Reed reminisces about a bygone era.

* * *

Og has gone and found something nonsensically weird. Warning: you will have "Yankee Doodle" stuck in your head if you watch the video.

* * *

Here is a picture which means nothing to anyone under the age of 30. It shows a woman who has just managed to cross the line from East Germany (Soviet bloc, communist dictatorship) to West Germany (NATO, democracy). The uniformed guys standing on the left side of the line are West German; the ones on the right side are East German. The East Germans wish to take the woman back to their side of the line by force, but the West Germans are not going to let them do so without a fight, and if a fight started there it would mean bad things for all concerned.

Anyone who thinks communism is wonderful is either stupid or ignorant...or both.

* * *

Palestinian woman murders her own daughter because somone told her that the girl had been having an affair with their son.

Yeah, islam is so peaceful and wonderful, isn't it?

* * *

Today was tiring. Time for some fun.

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