atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4382: I don't know what I'm doing out of bed

It's a day off, I don't need to get up, and so of course I naturally woke up at 6 AM feeling well-rested, which I otherwise NEVER DO. Even the "waking up feeling well-rested" part NEVER FREAKIN' HAPPENS.

What will happen--if I try to do anything constructive--is that I will start to feel exhausted and fade right the hell out. I have been here before about half a million times; I know that this feeling of being well-rested is an illusion.

Argh etc.

* * *

There is so much money in pharmaceuticals, this kind of thing is to be expected. It's not surprising that companies are faking data. A successful drug is worth tens (or hundreds) of billions, and the patent expires after twenty years.

Speaking of which--

When I lived in Cedar Rapids my doctor tried to mitigate my annual sinusitis by having me take Nasacort. Nasacort is an antihistamine that is delivered nasally; you take one puff up the schnoz every day. A dose was a whisper of a very fine powder delivered on a puff of Freon, and it worked fairly well for me. Problem was, it was expensive, something like $90 or so per month.

The other day I saw name-brand Nasacort as an over-the-counter drug, and it was under $20 for a two-month supply.

I need a time machine, and I need it fifteen years ago.

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