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I saw musings about this over at AoSHQ a few days ago, but other than an eyeroll it didn't prompt much of a reaction from me.

The idea that Mitt Romney might try a third time to be President just makes me want to retch. Okay, he tried in 2008 and again in 2012, and he failed both times. The first time he lost the nomination; the second he lost the election. It is time to let someone else have a go, Mitt.

Mitt Romney has demonstrated that he is not actually electable--no matter how much the GOP elite loves him--and because the GOP wasn't paying attention the first time Romney had a chance to demonstrate it twice.

If the GOP is actually interested in, y'know, winning the next election, it ought to front someone who hasn't already failed of election twice, sequentially, in as many Presidental contests. The GOP therefore also should not front John McCain, which is another name I've seen bandied about, because John McCain is just as bad as Romney on most issues and the "electability" spectrum.

The last thing the GOP leadership wants is for a conservative to win nomination, because if he does he'll win and that will show that the GOP can win by (horror of horrors!) actually listening to its base and fronting conservatives. I mean, what does the base know? They think it would be smart to reduce government spending and taxation, and to let the banks fail if they go bankrupt, and to prosecute the Wall street bigwigs if they break the law--but if we did that, where would the big election campaign donations come from? Huh? Answer that one, smart guy!

If Romney runs again, I expect him to win the nomination, which will again put me in the position of voting Libertarian rather than vote for "Obama Lite"...and I will not be alone, and Romney will fail of election a third time. (I'd like to say that after a third loss it ought to be obvious even to the GOP that Romney is simply not electable, but I don't think the GOP is that bright.)

If Romney were to win, his presidency would be four to eight years of exactly what we're getting right now, except that the press would be adversarial and not cover for all the stupid crap. It'd be more economic depression, more malaise, more undeclared demi-war in the middle east, more government, more taxation, more spending, more unemployment, more national debt, more inflation. Nothing would change except the occupant of the White House.

Well, we've got two years. Hopefully there is someone out there right now who is getting ready to run for President who will knock everyone's socks off and blow Mitt Romney's doors off, so he'll get the f-ing hint and retire, and we can finally be rid of his dumb ass.

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