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#4386: Soon there will be another iPhone

The hits keep coming.

Karl Denninger informs us that the back camera protrudes from the casing and he then explains why that's a bad thing.

Here is how that will affect my job. The protruding camera will get broken in stupid fashion three days after the owner buys it, and then he is going to bring it to me. That conversation will go approximately thus:
Me: Okay, this is an accidental damage claim (ADH) and the deductible for that is $150.

Him: What? I just bought the phone! Isn't it under warranty?

Me: Yes, but the warranty doesn't cover mechanical damage.

Him: But it's just the camera! I just set it down on a table and it broke!

Me: I understand that, but because it's not normal wear and tear, it's an accidental damage claim, and the terms of the plan require a $150 deductible for claims of that type.

Him: So I'll get a new phone, right?

Me: It'll be a factory refurbished ph-

Him: But this is a brand new phone! I got it three days ago! It's just the camera that's broken, and you're telling me I'll get a used phone to replace it? I was told I'd get a brand new phone if this one broke!

Me (thinking): Well, maybe you should have been more CAREFUL with your damned phone, you fucking idiot. And no one told you that you'd get a brand new phone, either; you're probably lying about that, and even if you're not lying I think it's a lot more likely that you didn't pay attention to what you were being told, and you sure as hell didn't bother reading the terms and conditions that we e-mailed to you.

Me: I'm sorry, sir, but this is what I can do for you. As I said, it's mechanical damage, so it's not a warranty issue, which means the only way I can process this is as an accidental damage claim.

Him: And I have to pay $150? Why am I paying all that money for the insurance?

Me (thinking) You pay $10 a month to insure your phone, and since you've had it for less than one month you've paid $10. For that, you want us to eat the cost of a $700 phone? Stick it up your ass.
Usually at this point, whatever I say, the guy demands to talk to a manager, and I am just as happy to hand his dumb ass off rather than waste time with someone who has absolutely zero understanding of economics.

Further, it doesn't do you any good to yell at me. I don't own the company and I don't make the policies, and I have no latitude for making exceptions. The only thing your temper trantrum accomplishes is for you to make yourself look like a self-entitled douchebag. I understand that you're upset because you just paid a lot of money for a new phone, and it's broken, but it's not our fault the thing got broken, and you must bear some of the cost of replacing your broken phone. Welcome to reality.

I mean, if stores went around replacing phones with brand new ones, all the time, they'd rapidly go out of business. So, no--if you drop your glass phone and break it, you're not going to get a brand new one right out of the box, not even if you bought the thing two days ago, and if you want to get the replacement you're going to pay the f-ing deductible, because that way maybe you'll be more f-ing careful with your phone in the future.


* * *

"Broken", in those last few paragraphs, is shorthand for "accidentally damaged", by the way. If you buy a new cell phone and it craps out on you in the first two weeks of ownership--because of a manufacturing defect or what-have-you--then you get a brand new replacement right out of the box at no cost to you. (That's the manufacturer's policy, by the way, and my employer has nothing to do with it.)

* * *

There really isn't much else to discuss. Tomorrow is Friday (already) and it's looking like the weather this week is going to be "stunning early autumn" weather but for Saturday.

The main east-west drag has been closed, now, for two months, while they do the realignment of the road. To be honest I like how quiet it is without a constant stream of cars rolling past 150 feet away. That will change, of course, once they finally reopen the road, but for the time being I can enjoy a pleasantly quiet afternoon.

* * *

Next year is 2015, and it's looking like Back to the Future was pretty seriously wrong about how quickly technology would develop. No hoverboards, no Mr. Fusion, no flying cars.

Well, I suppose the real 2015 would not look good in a movie. The modern cellular telephone is a technological miracle, something which was flatly impossible in 1985 (just like Mr. Fusion and flying cars) but there's no glitz to them, no fireworks. Someone pulls a passport-sized object from his pocket, touches the front, and talks into it. Whee!

It's worse if the person is using a bluetooth headset; then he taps a thing in his ear and appears to talk to himself. It looks lots like Star Trek but there's no pizazz. Certainly it's not as visually interesting as a DeLorean switching into flight mode and soaring off into the blue.


* * *

On the plus side, my wife has given me leave to postpone cutting the grass until next week. The way I feel right now I am not inclined to argue the point. All I want to do is lay down and listen to the cicadas singing and do glorious nothing. Work tomorrow, anyway, and someone's going to be complaining about something that I can't possibly help. I'm going to need that energy.

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