atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4388: "I'm so pissed off, I'm levitating!" "THAT INFURIATES ME!!!"

GAH what a pain in the ass today was.

First off, I was scheduled to work 10 AM to 4 PM. My availability for Sundays starts at 11 AM. I am amenable to reasonable (and infrequent) deviations from my availability because it's a job and sometimes you have to be flexible.

Second, when I got to work, it was to a store which had no cashiers or customer service people, which meant I was unable to tell walk-in clients that they should first go to customer service and make an appointment. This naturally flensed my entire schedule.

Third: the only other employee working in the precinct was the useless guy who spends 90% of his time sitting on a stool in back, twiddling his iPhone. He's usually scheduled to work in back, but when he is by himself back there I very rarely see him doing anything other than fucking with his cell phone. Certainly he never lowers himself to working the counter instead of sitting on his ass.

Fourth: I was as busy as a one-armed paper-hanging goat with three peckers, and worked nonstop at a frenetic pace DOING THE WORK OF TWO PEOPLE for four fuckin' hours.

Fifth: the guy who was supposed to come in at 4 PM didn't arrive until 4:15.

Fifth: the smarmy attitude from my immediate supervisor, which approximated: "Well, you see, you're not doing it right! If you were doing it right, you wouldn't be so stressed, you fucktard."

So I'm working the counter alone and have no backup, and while dealing with Client A, Client B walks up, and I am apparently supposed to stop talking to Client A, greet Client B, ask him if he has an appointment, and if he doesn't, make one for him. And I am supposed to take only 15 minutes to deal with Client A even while I am using 2-4 minutes of his scheduled time to deal with another client.


...and even if I had been doing that, it still would not have changed the fact that I AM DOING THE WORK OF TWO PEOPLE. Did my boss have anything nice to say to me about it? Did she even say, "Yes, it can get pretty hectic out there, but I know you're equal to the task"? Did she have anything nice to say to me?

Forevermore, why would she do that?

Not a word. The only thing she had to say approximated UR DOIN IT RONG, and not even in the context of "Well, you may be trying too hard to help the client,..." Not a damn hint of constructive criticism, just "If you did it the right way you wouldn't be having this trouble."

And that is bullshit because--as I said--THEY HAVE ME DOING THE WORK OF TWO PEOPLE and I fail to see how scheduling clients would have fixed the workload I dealt with today.

Now, look: I don't mind working hard, and I don't mind doing this kind of thing, and I don't even mind having to make time for bathroom breaks. I may complain about it, but it's a freakin' job and I'm expecting that I'll have to earn my paycheck, so I go and do it.

I just want my immediate supervisor to recognize that I am doing my job effectively.

So if I'm such a fuckup, if I can't be trusted to do this job properly why the fuck am I always scheduled to work alone?


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