atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4389: All kinds of nonsense.

Karl Denninger on the nonsense that is the suggestion that we have a Constitutional Congress: "There is nothing wrong with the Constitution as it sits now. The problem is that it's not followed."

This is the kind of problem we see everywhere: we have laws which are meant to do something but they are not enforced, and the people who are busily not enforcing them meanwhile are crying for stricter laws because the ones on the books aren't working.

Well, you know, they might work if you enforced them.

You know, like the immigration laws and the gun laws we have. (The latter link is about gun laws not being enforced.) If the laws against employing illegal aliens were actually enforced there would not be a tide of illegals crossing the border. There'd be no economic incentive for them to come here because they wouldn't be able to find work.

But we fail to enforce the law, illegals come here by the millions, and then suddenly we need amnesty programs and a bunch of other things "because the laws aren't working".

Well, for fuck's sake, that's like trying to turn on a lamp that's not plugged in. It'll work fine if you supply it with electricity, but as long as it's not plugged in changing the bulb is merely a waste of time and effort.

Our current Constitution works just fine when we follow it but if we ignore the thing, it doesn't matter what the damned piece of paper says.

* * *

My goal for this week is to get the grass cut and the Jeep's oil changed. I don't remember the last time I did that, and it occurs to me that it may have been much longer than the recommended maintenance interval.

Right now, though, I'm pretty frickin' beat.

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