atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4392: Battery woes

Well, today I rode the motorcycle to Walmart for oil change supplies, and when I left Walmart it wouldn't start.

The non-start condition was entirely electrical: the bike turned over, then went wruuw and wouldn't turn. Letting go of the starter switch and trying again elicited another wruww and nothing.


After a few moments I put the bike into 4th gear, walked it a bit, and popped the clutch, which kicked over the engine and got it running again. This left me with no choice but to forget about getting my hair cut; I did not fancy trying to push-start the bike after it had been sitting for the hour that would probably take.

Rode to the gas station and filled the tank, had to push-start it there; rode to Culver's and had lunch there, outdoors, and had to push-start it to get home.

Bike ran fine, and gave no sign of a weak battery when I started it here at home before embarking on my errands. Natch.

But I got home, gave Mrs. Fungus her chicken tenders, then got to work. The Jeep's oil change took marvelously little time to accomplish. Once done with that I got after the bike.

First I pulled the battery, and saw that some of the cells were low on electrolyte. I have no idea how, nor do I really care, but that alone is probably a good enough reason for the battery to be incapable of turning the starter. Since I kept the leftover acid from 2011 when I bought and filled three motorcycle batteries, I was able to top up the cells.

Took the seat off, intending to fix the rip in it, and checked the air filter; it's still clean enough, so I put it back in without cleaning it.

Hooked the battery up to the trickle charger that came with the bike and set it aside.

Then I cut the grass, including mowing down the "wildflowers" under the birch tree.

Tonight, after dinner (and perhaps during another ep of Outlander?) I'll pull the seat apart and fix the upholstery, and then put the bike back together tomorrow.

* * *

While eating dinner last night we watched Gotham, the latest reboot of the Batman universe that concentrates on Jim Gordon's early career as a detective. It starts on the night that Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered, and we see--in relatively short order, in their pre-criminal forms:
The Riddler
The Penguin
Poison Ivy
The Joker (I think?)
It depends, because in the Tim Burton continuity The Joker was Jack Napier, the thug who killed Bruce Wayne's parents, and we haven't seen Jack Napier yet. (I don't think.)

Much the same way that the Dracula story has mutated over the years, the Batman ouerve has begun to mutate. The stories don't remain the same from telling to telling.

Still: I really liked the first episode of Gotham, which means it's probably doomed.

* * *

Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous day today. I'm glad I spent a good chunk of it outdoors.

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