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#4394: Three-trip chili!

In between tasks yesterday I asked Mrs. Fungus what she wanted me to make for dinner, and she decided on chili. Then I went out to cut the grass; and while I was doing that, she went to the store and bought (among other things) a green pepper which was approximately pumpkin sized, the biggest loaf of ginzo bread I ever saw, and ground beef.

After my chores were done I set about making the chili, and my initial inventory of the canned goods revealed that we had no tomato paste or kidney beans, so I went to the store and picked up those items.

...while sauteeing the onions and green pepper, I realized that I had no chili powder, so I left the cooking in Mrs. Fungus' capable hands and made a third trip to the store.

The chili was worth the effort.

* * *

You want a list of what I got done yesterday? No? TOO BAD!
1) Jeep's oil changed
2) Grass cut
3) Bike's battery topped up and charged
4) Bike's seat repaired (again)
5) Chili cooked
6) I even baked a cake for Mrs. Fungus.
I was able to fix the bike's seat in one go this time because I didn't have to figure out how to do it and make several trips to the hardware store. Hooray for experience!

The cake I baked was originally supposed to be cupcakes, but we couldn't find the muffin tins. I know they are around here somewhere--probably in the same safe place which contains the cornbread irons--but I sure couldn't remember where, exactly, that was. They'll turn up, most likely when I am looking for something else. *sigh*

* * *

Today's XKCD hits the nail on the head:

Do go to the link for the mouseover text, which puts it in perspective.

* * *

During my meandering yesterday I stopped and had a gander at the work on the main road, and talked to a guy there. He told me they don't expect to have the work done before Thanksgiving, because AT&T has to move fiber optic cables, and the sewer guys have to put in culverts, and-and-and. They're going as fast as they can, but there's a lot that needs doing.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I watched a few more episodes of Outlander last night, and she admitted that she's finding the story to be a bit boring. One problem she has (which I don't seem to) is that most of the characters have such thick scots accents that she finds it hard to understand them.

...the story is progressing more or less along the lines I'd predicted, though. This is a "take it or leave it" thing for me (I fixed the motorcycle seat during one episode) because it is clearly pink SF, in this case "Harlequin romance does time travel".

Could be worse, though.

Incidentally, it occurs to me--while trying to think of an example of "worse"--that the next time someone complains about Heinlein's politics maybe we can point out that his book I Will Fear No Evil was about a transgendered man? (Well, technically they transplanted a man's brain into a woman's body, but still.) And Heinlein's later works were full of that kind of stuff--recall please that Andrew Jackson "Slipstick" Libby ended up being turned into a woman in Heinlein's post-retirement phase? Heinlein was writing pink SF before it was a thing.

(Heinlein retired from writing, discovered that writers must write, and came out of retirement with Number of the Beast. That book and all subsequent ones showcased his opinions on human sexuality, and treated them like natural law.)

I read I Will Fear No Evil once. Yes, once. That's how bad it was.

* * *

I was not originally going to comment on this Zombietime photoessay on how "climate activists" have finally done away with their masks and demonstrated that they're actually communists. This isn't news; anyone with eyes to see with etc knew this was the case long before this. I thought "old news" and wasn't going to link it...until I saw the penultimate picture.

It shows an idiot in a t-shirt saying "ANIMAL LIBERATION NOW" with his dog. The dog is on a leash and is muzzled, and in obvious distress. At first I laughed at the obvious hypocrisy, but as I thought about it I began getting angry.

Look: when you get too warm, you sweat. It seems like this event took place on a warm day since there are a lot of people in t-shirts and shorts in other photographs. But tell me: how does a dog cool down when he gets too warm? He pants.

IF HE CAN OPEN HIS MOUTH, THAT IS. Which he cannot when he is muzzled.

This guy isn't just a hypocrite; he's torturing his poor dog. He's done the equivalent of locking a human being in a metal box on a hot day--sure, the dog will probably survive it, but how miserable will he be?

That guy is a shithead.

* * *

I really don't have anything else to discuss at the moment.

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