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#4401: Nobody told him he'd have to WORK and stuff.

Obama attends about 41% of the national security meetings he's scheduled to attend. Ace explains why that's bad, but let's face it: Obama simply does not care about national security.

His foreign policy certainly reflects that.

* * *

Global warmenating is shifting gravity and we're all screwed. The melting of the Antarctic ice cap is changing gravitometric readings and--

...bah. I can't keep that up. There is more Antarctic sea ice than there was last year. As Doug Ross succinctly puts it:
Maybe the next Antarctic expedition studying the dramatic ice loss can report the latest gravitational readings after they’re inevitably rescued from being trapped in the ice that isn’t there anymore.

The econazis have a long tradition of being utterly wrong.

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I watched Gotham, were surprised that Resurrection had restarted, and then watched Captain Phillips.

The latter was a suspenseful movie. Mrs. Fungus was aghast that commercial cargo ships aren't allowed to carry guns, and at the end of the movie she asked, "But they're allowed to have guns now, right?"

She was further aghast that the answer was "no".

Back in the heyday of piracy--the old Barbary Coast days, you know, and the Caribbean of the 18th century--ships went armed as a matter of course. A merchant ship wouldn't be bristling with guns, as a gun deck took up room which was better used for cargo, but it would have some capacity for self-defense.

Not so today, of course. The very idea of cargo ships having some rifles aboard makes progressives shit themselves.

* * *

One step closer to a space elevator. If we ever manage to build a space elevator its cable is likely to be made of crystalline carbon, because diamond is about the strongest material we can make.

I think that eventually we'll make something stronger, but we're going to have to learn a lot more about chemistry and physics--and how they interrelate--before we get to that point.

But these new diamond nanothreads are about a hundred times stronger than steel, and of necessity they'd be about four times lighter since carbon is element 6 and iron is element 26.

Now we just have to figure out how to spin such fibers that are about 25,000 miles long....

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