atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4403: Making a target out of yourself

Delusionally describing yourself as "eye candy" is a good way. It leaves the door wide open for people to talk about your looks.

This woman is not eye candy. She's not even eye brussels sprouts, for fuck's sake. She's eye poison.


* * *

I took the Jeep to the DMV to get the bike's license plate sticker, and was pleased to see that they've installed a desk specifically for handling plates now. No waiting in the regular line, then waiting again, then waiting again; you come in, go right to the sticker line, and wait in one line. I was in and out in about ten minutes, which ain't too shabbly.

* * *

There's some kind of low-frequency hum I can barely hear, present with windows open or closed, at all hours, everywhere in the bunker. It sounds like a locomotive running far away, and it was not present a few days ago.

Fortunately I can drown it out with a fan or music, but that completely shoots my whole "quiet time" thing to hell. *sigh*

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