atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4413: Ebola news

So let's start with two Vox Day posts.

And his first point in this list is how I choose to begin:
Thanks to Ebola, no one wants to sit or be anywhere around Africans. It would no doubt horrify the usual suspects to see how an African could clear out seats in all four directions simply by sitting down in both countries I recently visited.
Those countries don't have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. We would be happy to send them there, of course, but no country in its right mind (or even out of it) would want them.

Then he suggests we leave the volunteers in Africa, verbatim. Look: if you volunteered to go over there and help people, you are a very fine person. Your quality does not excuse you bringing a disease with a 50% fatality rate--and which we don't really understand all that well--back with you. Stay there.

Cold? Heartless? Unquestionably. Look: if these people had the flu--even avian flu--I wouldn't be saying these kinds of things. The thing is, most of the time the flu doesn't kill people who are otherwise healthy. Ebola is virulent and this strain has a 50% fatality rate, and we don't really know how it's transmitted. Furthermore, because it's a virus, antibiotics don't work against it, and there's no vaccine. The only way to prevent the spread of the disease is limit the movement of people who are infected with it, and although quarantine is a horrible imposition on their civil rights there is plenty of precedent for it.

And the breakouts are already starting. It takes one infected person hopping a flight from west Africa to start a breakout elsewhere.

* * *

...and that's all that inspired comment today. I'm too tired to care about the usual Obama bullshit and all I really want to do is go sleep, but Mrs. Fungus and I have errands to run, and it'd be nice to have something for dinner. *sigh*

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