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#4414: Butter costs as much per pound as ground beef, BUT THERE'S NO INFLATION

Yesterday Mrs. Fungus and I went shopping and Meijer had 85% lean ground beef for $5 a pound again. They also had butter selling for $3.79 per pound.

Today, on my way home from work, I stopped at the store to see about some ground beef. 85% lean, $4 a pound.

Butter: $4.29 a pound.



Damn, it sure is a good thing that the federal government assures us that there's no fuckin' inflation going on! I'd hate to think of how much butter would cost if there were inflation!

...I snatched a pound of bacon, too, because it was merely $4 a pound, and thanks to Obamanomics that's a good buy!


* * *

We ended up having dinner at Reuben's again. That will have to hold me until December; Mrs. Fungus does not like Mexican food as much as I do. I could stand to eat there every week--the same thing, too, the enchilada plate with green salsa and split a plate of nachos--but she cannot.

* * *

Today at work was 100% assholes and elbows for four straight freakin' hours. Why, yes, I was alone at the counter for that time, but why would you suspect that?

It's not just the freakin' cash registers both being hunks of shit today, though that was a big factor. I went to ring up tech support for a guy, and the register hung at the first SKU for three fuckin' hours until I turned the damned thing off in disgust. Then the other register horked up a bucket of dicks and I couldn't use it either, so every time I had to run a transaction I had to take the client over to the front lanes and ring him out there. (Two of Customer Service's registers were being used, and the third one was also coughing up dicks.)

It was also stupid people, like the guy who insisted that his computer wasn't that old and so it shouldn't have stopped working. Dude, you bought it 16 months ago, and any electronic device can crap out at any time. The warranty expired in June. It's not my fault your computer died.

Then there was the guy who wanted to set a password on his computer, but apparently was too stupid to follow the instructions even after I showed him how to do it. "Type the new password here. Retype the new password here. Type a hint here." "It says it can't set the password." "Sir, you have to type the password the same in both boxes." THREE FUCKIN' TIMES. I was able to set a password just fine, and I offered to set it up for him, but he didn't want that. Now he's probably going to complain about it.

In the same vein, I get so tired of telling people YES YOU NEED AN APPOINTMENT JUST TO PICK UP YOUR COMPUTER. There is only one of me working the counter and I AM BOOKED SOLID WITH NO HELP FOR THREE FUCKIN' HOURS and I am not going to make an exception for you. Make an appointment or don't, but don't get pissy with me because I politely told you that you'll have to go to Customer Service to make an appointment to pick up your junk. I DON'T CARE.

I also get sick of the people who say, "They just told me to come in and get it." I want to say YOU ARE LYING BECAUSE NO ONE TOLD YOU THIS. (And if anyone did, they should be shot, because WE WORK OFF APPOINTMENTS.) In fact I am going to make sure my boss knows that someone is telling clients they don't need appointments to pick up, because I am getting very, very sick and tired of people telling me that they were told they didn't need an appointment to pick up, and I want to make sure that no one is telling anyone that. YOU NEED AN APPOINTMENT. I DON'T CARE IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU THAT YOU DON'T.

I'm not going to apologize; I'll be happy to explain it to you: "I'm the only one here, and I'm booked solid." I can only do one thing at a time, there is only one of me, and as it is I have too much to do. If you think I'm going to drop everything and move you to the front of the line because you're a special snowflake, DREAM ON, SHIT STICK. "Make no mistake about it: I don't care where you're from; I don't care how smart you are; I don't care how dumb you are; I don't care what color you are."

On the plus side, another CA came in at 2 PM and then of course there were effectively no more clients for the rest of the day. (At least until I left at 5:30.) I was able to go get lunch, and then take care of some other things, and helped a couple more people out. The last third of my shift was much easier than the first two thirds was.

And now I'm home, and I'm so f-ing tired all I want to do is go to bed. And that's exactly what I aim to do.

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