atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4415: Put away the f-ing cell phones, for crying out loud

Are you going to a restaurant to eat, or are you going there to fuck around with your cell phone? Pick one, damn it, and do it.

* * *

Under The Dome, from three episodes in, is pretty decent.

* * *

So today a coworker (who'd been with the company for several years) had his last day, and they sent him off by decorating the precinct with helium balloons, and having a couple of pizzas delivered. Since I got in at 4, the pizza was cold, but I had a few slices as a snack; and the closing manager told me to clean up the decorations before leaving.

I got rid of the balloons which were no longer floating, but took home about five that still exhibited positive buoyancy. They behaved in an entirely predictable fashion: when I accelerated, they "leaned" forward, and when I braked, they'd "lean" backward. I find it amazing that the acceleration of a car changes the air density enough that a helium balloon will react to it.

But of course it's just like the liquid sloshing in a spirit level. Pretty f-ing cool, at least if you're a physics geek.

* * *

When I got up this morning to hit the can, around sunrise, there was frost on the grass. Whee!

* * *

So: the Samsung Blu-Ray player won't play the True Tears (TT) episodes I torrented 'way back in the Cretaceous. They're MKV files, and while the box will play MKV files it apparently will only play a limited number of encoding methods, and these were encoded using a codec that the player does not include.

More and more it's looking as if I'll need to hook Cephiro up in the family room and use it to play the videos that the Blu-ray cannot. I recall TT having a pretty good story, enough that a few elements have stuck with me even though it's been more than five years since I watched it. TT is the first series that won't play on the thing, but it won't be the last.

The first eps of Mokke, ToLoveRu, Pretty Cure, and Hayate no Gotoku all played on the thing without incident. I'd expect the rest to do the same, as long as they're all encoded the same way. (Which they should.)

That's probably good enough.

Anyway, while watching Pretty Cure I had a printout of my PC webcomic to hand, and compared the flow of the anime to the webcomic. (I think that effort was only really amusing to me, but that's all right.)

* * *

Sunday is my 1-year anniversary with my employer. Whee.

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