atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4416: You don't need to be so gleeful about it.

Or, maybe I do, but either way I can't help myself. See, the store manager sent everyone an e-mail talking about working overtime (verboten now unless a manager asks you to do it) and taking lunch breaks (mandatory because if you're scheduled for 7.5 hours or more in a day, it's the law) and I can't help basking in the glorious sensation of all too rare vindication.

So today I took a lunch break, and my supervisor expressed surprise when I mentioned I was on a lunch break, and I pointed out that since we'd gotten that e-mail....

We're not required to be on premises for our lunch breaks, either, so I'm able to hit a fast food place and eat lunch there, or in my truck, and be the hell away from that place. I find that highly relaxing.

...and I needed that lunch break today, because I wasn't able to get anything to eat before work. I'm glad it all worked out--but I was still at work for 4.5 hours, unfed, before I managed to get my break. A bag of potato chips sufficed to prevent stomach rumbles, but not by much. Sheesh.

* * *

Union bosses make twenty times minimum wage! Remember that the next time someone tells you how much money CEOs make.

* * *

Person who treated "patient zero" in Dallas is infected with ebola despite gown, gloves, mask, and other precautions.

So here we are: as Vox Day points out, we were told that ebola wouldn't get to the US. It has. Then we were told it wouldn't spread in the US. It has.

Still think open borders are a good idea?

* * *

Still, after work was done I was flat dead tired. I came home, greeted my wife, then crawled into bed. She crawled in with me, but she fell asleep faster than I did, and when I woke up at 10:30 (after napping for about two hours) I thought to get up and have some dinner, but I fell asleep for another forty minutes or so.

Woke up with a taste for buttered noodles. It's something I had from time to time when I was a kid: I'd boil some pasta, put margerine on it, sprinkle it with garlic powder (usually too much) and then eat it. I have a steadier hand with the garlic powder now so I know not to put too much on, and for some reason it hit me just right tonight. I probably won't eat much else before bedtime, seeing as this is going up just barely before midnight.

Well, that's how it is, sometimes.

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