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#4420: THIS is the correct way to respond.

The home visited by Patient Two, in Ohio, has been cordoned off by police. Further the police are working on determinine where Patient Two went and when, so as to warn people who could possibly have been exposed to ebola and contain the potential spread before it happens.

Patient Two is a nurse who ought to know better, and clearly does not. Her thinking should have been, "All right, I was exposed to ebola, and now I have a fever; I must not get on that airplane." Instead it was more like, "Ah, this is nothing, I'm fine to travel."

Well, to be fair, she did call the CDC (aka "The Keystone Doktors") and they said she'd be fine to travel.

But the head Keystone Doktor assures us you can't get ebola from sitting next to someone on a bus, but if you have ebola you should stay off the bus to avoid infecting other people. Because, I guess, he's a doctor and he's studied this.

My question: would YOU, doctor Friedman, get on a bus and sit next to someone who might have ebola, who--like Patient Two--has a fever but no other symptoms? Would you feel perfectly safe and comfortable doing that?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

* * *

This article makes it sound as if Lockheed has figured out how to build an overunity fusion reactor. It also says that Lockheed is trying to find "potential partners in industry and government" to continue development.

If Lockheed actually knew how to build a compact fusion reactor which would fit in a pickup truck and put out a hundred megawatts, they wouldn't be looking for any partnerships with anyone. They'd be going ahead and patenting the things and building new vaults to store all the fucking money they would make.

I'd love to believe this article, but no one has made the requisite breakthroughs, and if anyone in the world had managed over-unity fusion it would have been all over the scientific community.

Whatever the article is trying to say is further obscured by the writer's near-absolute scientific illiteracy. "The effort seeks to harness the energy released during nuclear fusion, when atoms combine into more stable forms," for example. "Ultra-dense deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen, is found in the earth's oceans," for another.

The only thing "ultra-dense" here is the reporter. Shit.

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