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#4421: Meatloaf sandwich OOH YEAH

Made meatloaf last night. Mrs. Fungus loves my meatloaf.

Hehhehhehheh she loves my meatloaf's just regular old meatloaf, but apparently I am good at making it, so once in a while I take 2 lbs of ground beef, mince up some onion and green pepper, add two eggs, about half a cup of ketchup, and perhaps 3/4 cup of bread crumbs with about a teaspoon each of salt, pepper, and garlic powder mixed in, and smooge it all together with my hands until well-mixed. Baking it at about 300 degrees for roughly an hour (occasionally draining the fat from the pan) yields a tasty meatloaf anyone would be proud of.

And it makes an awesome sandwich, even cold. Yeah.

* * *

I no longer lust after Erza the way I did before I was married. But dang.

* * *

I am not the only one who is skeptical of Lockheed's supposed fusion breakthrough.

...but again, all the benefits ascribed to fusion power are already available to us in the form of fission. Fission power generates an excess of nuclear waste only because we don't recycle spent fuel, and that has been the case since Jimmy Carter signed an executive order outlawing it. (Congress passed a similar law soon after.)

A nuclear fuel cycle designed by someone with sentience would naturally include reprocessing and recycling of spent fuels--on-site, at that--which would make nuclear power considerably cheaper than it is now. Nuclear power is expensive only because of politics.

* * *


100-150 people per day enter the US from countries with active ebola outbreaks. Great! (Keystone Kops reference in here, but I made that comparison first! I rule!)

Ace stresses "We have never had an outbreak like this before," his emphasis.

Clipboard idiot is there to keep the people in bunny suits from tripping? WTF.

Steven Den Beste likens ebola to the pink stuff left in the tub by the Cat in the Hat and his concluding paragraph begins, "The sheer incompetence on display is disillusioning."

The attitude honestly does seem to approximate: "Well, we're Americans and we're smarter than all those brown people. We don't have to worry about ebola here because we're smart Americans! We have money and knowledge and good educations, so we don't have to worry."

...and as the first comment at SDB's post says, we've gotten used to being insulated from most infectious diseases by virtue of having clean water, efficient sewage systems, widespread vaccination, and easy access to health care. The people in charge of maintaining the public health have themselves forgotten that even in America we can have epidemics, solely because we've been lucky enough not to have had one for about 98 years.

Our idiotic non-response to the ebola outbreaks in Africa--our inability to refuse flights from infected areas, for example--is going to be regarded by historians as the primary error that caused a stupid and easily preventable outbreak of a deadly disease.

* * *

Wonder how long it'll be before Oculus Rift works with WoW? That would be pretty cool, but it sounds as if it requires a pretty high-zoot video card to run it.

* * *

Greenpeace founder says it's "evil organization". Of course it is.

Not as evil as the "Voluntary Human Extinction Movement" (which is real) but still pretty bad. Anytime you have someone standing in the way of improving the diets of starving people (because, horror of horrors, it's through the use of genetically modified organisms! and someone might make some money on the deal) I call that "evil".

* * *

Well, we have only a couple more weeks of political ads before the elections are over. Can't wait.

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