atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#441: It is time for action!

Today we learn of a serious and brutal attack perpetrated with a heretofore unsuspected weapon.

Clearly there is a problem with prosthetic limb violence in this country, one which the media is unwilling to report on due to the power of the prosthetic limb lobby. Well I, for one, refuse to be silenced by this conspiracy! I will speak out!

It's obvious that we need to take the following measures to prevent prosthetic limb violence:
  • Enact a 5-day waiting period for prosthetic limbs
  • Register all prosthetic limbs
  • Require extensive safety training for all prospective prosthetic limb owners
  • Require prosthetic limb owners to hold licenses for their prosthetic limbs
  • Require a background check for buyers whenever a prosthetic limb is bought or sold
  • Restrict the types of prosthetic limbs which are legal
  • Require a special license for the "concealed carry" of prosthetic limbs
  • Enact special penalties for adults who leave prosthetic limbs within reach of children
  • Hold the manufacturers of prosthetic limbs responsible for crimes committed with them
Until we do something about the danger of prosthetic limbs, no one will be safe.

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