atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#442: AirBus, just GIVE UP already.

The A380, sez AirBus, will "save the planet". Because of its ultra-large size, because it will transport more cargo per flight. Apparently it produces less CO2 per passenger and is somewhat more fuel-efficient on the same basis.

That is probably so. It's the economy of scale. But I wonder how much fuel a fully-loaded A380 has to burn to make a flight? Compared with a 747 or 777?

But the point I feel I need to make, here, is... might do that if you jerks could actually build the stupid thing on-schedule. I mean, it's two years behind schedule, for crying out loud. Even accepting the rather ludicrous claim that a super-massive jet can "save the planet", how can it do that when you can't sell it because you can't build it?

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