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#4425: Maybe cheap oil is possible after all

Plenty of American shale oil is profitable below $80 a barrel. It's not "hand over fist" profitable, but it's still profitable.

* * *

His boosters say that Obama is the greatest orator in American history but people would rather leave than listen to him read from the teleprompter again.

* * *

So here we have ebola news again:

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal lists the four stages of Obama crisis management and I can't help but list them here:
1) Don't worry, I got this.
2) I'm so mad.
3) More money will fix it.
4) Republicans are obstructing.
Right now, in regards to ebola, he is on stage 2.

Yes, CBS reporter, Rand Paul is a doctor which--as Mr. Driscoll's post points out--makes him more qualified to talk about ebola than Obama's ebola czar is.

Meanwhile, this strain of ebola appears more infectious than the strains we've encountered in the past which means that all the CDC's protocols for dealing with it may not be as effective as they think and hope they are.

* * *

The so-called Civil War was about taxation, not slavery.

The institution of slavery in the US was doomed. As far as that goes, the US was one of the last remaining holdouts in the world; the mechanization of raising cotton was inevitable and if the south had been allowed to secede peacefully slavery would not have long survived anyway. The conditions in which slavery occurs are always economic, and as soon as the economic conditions make slavery untenable it naturally goes away.

(This is not to say that slavery is moral, as it clearly is not.)

* * *

A relatively easy day at work today--brief periods of activity followed by longer periods of down time. I stayed busy by working on various projects and cleaning things up in general, but by about 8 PM I was done with all that and could only sit at the counter and draw, wishing I could go home.

I didn't even draw anything useful, just stupid doodles. *sigh*

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