atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4426: I phont in post now

that should have said 'phone' but i haven't got any gumption today. no motivati, just whatev, stream of consciousness. i suffer with this all the time, so you can take a couple minutes' worth. or don't, no mater.

Alan caruba compares obama to carter with a discussion of carters malaise speech

carter was incompetent but obama is worse. didnt think that was poss. but it is, and i wish cartere were still the nether standard of recent presidednts. of course that would mean we had president mccain now, which might be worse


the religion of peace yet again shows how wonderful it is. sorry guys, "islamic state" is ISLAMIC no matter how hard you wish it wasn't.


101 useful web sites


cold yucky october day outside, no rain but threat thereof. when i got up the heater was running.

typically the first ttime i have a day off after being on for several days I end up sleeping a lot. today i got up at 1:30ish.

plus side, today is 1 of 3 off this week. minus side, less money. well, everythnig's a tradeoff.

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