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#4431: This is what they are.

John C. Wright pens an excellent piece demonstrating what the left is. Leftism is composed of hatred and violence and horror, and little else.

* * *

Speaking of leftists, Obama has kept his promise to force energy prices to skyrocket. He's wanted that all along, and promised he would do everything in his power to make energy more expensive...and now people are shocked and surprised that--gosh!--energy is costing more than ever.

You people with the Obama bumper stickers who are bitching about the high price of gasoline--shut the fuck up. You voted for this.

* * *

What is 26 times 4? Hint: it is more than 100.

Here we see that Common Core is attempting to teach kids that you have have a pie chart which adds up to 104%.

* * *

Copper is a vital industrial commodity. There is no electrical product you can buy which does not contain copper, so if the world price of copper is crashing it is very bad news.

* * *

Then on my way in to work for the second time today, after I had parked and was walking in I noticed how stupid some fuckin' retard parked.

He backed his car into a spot, but left perhaps 1/3 of the car sticking out of the space. At first I thought he was just a dumbass with lousy depth perception, but then I saw the shopping cart trapped between his rear bumper and the car behind his.

Meanwhile I parked across the lane from him, exactly two spaces farther from the door, and got all of my vehicle into the space. But this asshat would rather partly block the lane than walk fifteen extra feet to get into the store.


* * *

Today, as stated previously, I made ham and bean soup.

It's good.

The ham was a butt portion, so when I was stirring the soup and removing the bones I pulled out--to Mrs. Fungus' horror--part of a pig pelvis and the upper part of a pig femur. I was fascinated but she did not share my fascination, so I had to toss the bones into the trash and cover them with newspaper so she wouldn't see them.

Well, the soup's done and I no longer need the bones, anyway. And let me say it again, this is good ham and bean soup. O man, it's good.

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