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#4433: More about ebola

Karl Denninger explains why mandatory quarantine is moral and compatible with libertarian ideals. It boils down to one point: the costs of cleaning up after an infected person visits a public place.

The bowling alley visited by Dr. Dumbass has been closed by the government and they are required to decontaminate the building before business can resume. This situation is not the fault of the owners, but of Dr. Dumbass, yet Dumbass' decision to go bowling is costing the owners of the bowling alley quite a packet (in lost revenues and decontamination costs). Either Dr. Dumbass should be responsible for those costs--and by extension other infected people should bear the costs of their lack of common sense--or else he should have remained in self-quarantine, at least until it was obvious that he was not infected with ebola.

Most people do not have the wherewithal to pay such a bill, though. That's why we quarantine them instead, and that's why it's not a violation of their civil rights.


And here is a dissection of how ineffective the CDC has been in stopping the spread of ebola in Dallas.

* * *

Meanwhile, Obamanomics continues to ravage the land.

7 things the middle class can't afford. Vacations, saving, new cars--that's half the list, right there.

Average price of a new car? 32 large. Median income? 28 large. You do the math.

But there's still no inflation! At least, the rich smart people who work for the government sure can't find any!
But how is it that food inflation of over 20% in some cases is so crushing to ordinary Americans and yet the people who are tasked to isolate and remedy precisely such problems are completely oblivious to its impact?

The answer is simple: "Janet Yellen, the No. 2 at the Fed's Board of Governors, and her husband—Nobel Prize-winning economist George Akerlof —had assets such as stocks, bond-fund shares and bank accounts valued at roughly $4.8 million to $13.2 million in 2012, according to financial disclosures released by the Fed on Tuesday."
Of course Ms. Yellen is the same person who told us that all we have to do in order not to struggle is to buy a business (or something approximating "Let them eat cake!") so I guess we have to consider the source.

* * *

I've not commented on GamerGate but I've been watching the story from the sidelines with some interest, because from here it looks as if the pink shirts have overreached this time. Plenty of gamers are more interested in playing fun games than in social justice.

Meanwhile, Gawker Media is shooting itself in the foot by pissing off major advertisers.

* * *

That's pretty much all I have to say today. Sorry about that.

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