atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4437: The day I burned down the Rufus.

So Tales From the Rufus took another lurching step forward today as I finally got past the thing I'd been trying to avoid.

It's a necessary step in the progression of the plot, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The first problem is that the story is supposed to be funny, and there's nothing funny about someone's house burning down, particularly when they've done absolutely nothing whatsoever to deserve it. In this case the scene couldn't be funny, because it's the scene where we find out something important about one of the main characters, something which drives the entire rest of the story--and the rest of the story can't really happen without the Rufus being destroyed.

I think that was why the project stalled as long as it did: this scene was inevitable, and I knew it all along.


On the plus side, it's just a building--an imaginary building--and it can be rebuilt as easily as it was destroyed. And as soon as I got past the difficult bit I found the humor creeping right back into the story, as if it had never left.

Still, early in the morning on Halloween--perfect timing.

* * *

Because Thursday was an unusual day, I needed the sleep. See, Thursday I was scheduled to be at work at 7:30 AM, and to work until 3 PM, as part of my training for ARA work. Whee!

It was a very, very nice day at work. I quite liked not having to be on the counter all day, for a change. But I came home sleepy, and had some errands to run on top of that; around 9:30 I ended up flopping, and I slept until shortly after 1 AM.

Mercifully, because of my schedule tomorrow I still have time to get decent sleep tonight before I must get up for work. Otherwise I would have taken something to make me sleep (probably Xanax) and gone right back to bed, rather than write.

But it's now just past 4 AM, and I really need to go back to bed, so that's where I'm headed.

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