atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4438: Snow on Halloween


It snowed when I was driving to work, but that's nothing compared to how it snowed on my way home. Shit.

First off, it's blustery as hell outside, colder than normal, with a very strong north wind that's got all the flags standing straight out.

Second, it's cold.

Third, it's raining, then snowing, then sleeting--"wintry mix"--and while we're not really getting any serious accumulation, there are spots of white on the grass.

If it kept snowing like it did when I left Jewel, for longer than about five minutes at a time, when I got up tomorrow to go to work there would be snow on the ground.


* * *

Where the hell do I sign up for this?

* * *

Fred Reed writes a very cogent piece on black power.

* * *

And now for the bad news: SpaceshipTwo crashed.

Here's what it sounds like: the vehicle that lifts the ship high into the atmosphere, White Knight 2, was unaffected. SpaceshipTwo had separated from WK2 and had ignited its engines, which then exploded, which caused the crash.

Vox Day on the crash.

ZeroHedge, with different pictures from the AoSHQ post.

Well, this is how we make progress when we are attempting grand and dangerous things. It's small consolation to those left behind, but these are people who are trying to push back the frontiers of science and engineering, doing something that is incredibly worthwhile to our progress as a species and a civilization. Real heros.


* * *

Apparently there were no trick-or-treaters while I was at work today, and of course the town shuts down the ancient rite after sundown (because of course children are fragile creatures and the world is more dangerous than ever!) so Mrs. Fungus and I are stuck (if that's the word) with two bags' worth of M&Ms. \


Today at work one of my coworkers was wearing skull-shaped deely bobbers, lit with color-changing LEDs. I liked it. I used to have one which lit up with small incandescent bulbs, which flashed on and off. My niece, er, ate them, in about 1992 or 1993 or so, and after that they were no longer usable.

...which may or may not explain her being a goth while she was in high school. Oh well.

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