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#4441: Well, the election is tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow we get to vote on the issues of the day. Pretty much it's "business as usual" versus "business as usual".

So let me predict what will come should the GOP sweep Congress.

The economy will suddenly get a lot worse. That is to say, nothing will actually change except how the press reports economic news. Expect the media to start talking about food prices rising steeply.

Taxation will remain constant, and spending will continue to increase. There is going to be no change to any of that, because the GOP likes it just fine. There will be no deficit reduction. The GOP will engage in lying, obfuscation, and kabuki theater in a vain attempt to keep the base fooled into thinking that they're trying their damnedest, but it will all just a steaming pile of horseshit.

The continuing resolutions will continue. There will be no budget, because if anyone actually produces a budget now, it's going to reveal how much money the feds are actually spending in their doomed attempt to keep the economy afloat. Again, the GOP will engage in lying, obfuscation, and kabuki theater in a vain attempt to keep the base fooled into thinking that they're trying their damnedest, blah blah blah etcetera.

Obamacare will not be repealed. They won't even try. Not just because Obama's in the White House, but because they don't actually mind having the government being in charge of 1/6th of the economy.

Gas will hit $5 a gallon next summer. I am not as confident in this prediction as I am in the others, but the oil market is not static. OPEC's going to do everything it can to price people out of the market (dump oil on the market until those who use higher cost methods, like hydrofracturing, are bankrupted) and once that happens the sky is the limit (again). But I can confidently predict that nothing is going to be done to rein in the EPA, which means all forms of energy will cost lots more next year.

Amnesty for illegal aliens will happen. Make no mistake about this: both parties want it.

Even so, I'm going to the polls tomorrow, and voting GOP, because there are a precious few things the GOP wants that the Democrats do not, things like voter ID laws and keeping government interference out of labor pricing (ie minimum wage laws). Also there are things the Democrats want that the GOP does not, things like hyper-expensive unskilled labor (minimum wage again) and utterly unrestricted immigration.

John C. Wright has 110 reasons to vote GOP. I'm going, and I'm voting straight Republican, and I'm voting against the proposed amendments to Illinois' constitution, and I'm voting against retaining all judges. It's precious little, but it'll have to do.

* * *

Via Borepatch we have this.

...actually I don't think the polarity is important, but his heart is in the right place.

Same site, I saw a similar graphic thingy that said:
A radical muslim wants to cut your head off.

A moderate muslim wants the radical muslim to cut your head off.
I can't remember if there was an attribution for the quote, or if it was just a "bumper sticker", but either way, it's damned accurate.

* * *

So now it's November. We're having a last blast of warm weather (sixties) before winter descends on us. Whee.

* * *

Last night I looked up the 3x3 eyes manga on-line, and was a little dismayed to learn that there's over 500 chapters of this stuff. On the plus side I was able to put my wife's mind at ease about how the anime ended, because the story picks up four years later right about the time Yakumo finds Pai, who does not remember him or her former life as a sanjiyan, and who is living the life of an average teenage girl in Japan.

...I then proceeded to read entirely too much. I'm not even sure where I left off last night. Crimony.

The first 18 chapters tell the story told by the 4 episodes of the animation; and after that comes "the rest of the story", all 500-odd chapters' worth. The really nice thing is that Yakumo didn't sit on his hands during the four years he was looking for Pai; he learned how to fight and also gained some minor proficiency with magic. He's never going to have anything like the amount of power the sanjiyan has, but he's not entirely helpless when bad guys from the spirit world come calling.

Pretty cool.

* * *

Finally saw The Lone Ranger last night (where Johnny Depp plays Tonto) and it was an entertaining movie. I noted with some dissatisfaction that Tonto was the real star of the show, which is not how TLR is supposed to be configured, but it was still worth watching and a lot of fun.

* * *


Oh, this is rich: Lena Dunham writes a book in which she describes sexually abusing her sister, then threatens legal action against people who quote verbatim from her book.

That would be a fairly entertaining five minutes in court:
Dunham's lawyer: my client is seeking tort based on defamation.

Defendant's lawyer: Here's her book, with the pages marked and relevant passages highlighted.

Judge (reads): Bailiff, kindly kick counsel for the plaintiff in the ass until he leaves this courtroom. We find for the defendant. Case dismissed, with prejudice.

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