atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4443: I think this is why I get depressed after voting.

So today I voted, and as usual I left the poll in a bit of a funk. I voted straight party Republican, even though I know the Democrat machine is going to manufacture as many votes as it needs to re-elect Quinn and Durbin and the rest of them.

So the two amendments to the Illinois constitution, I voted against--both the "victims' rights" one and the "voter discrimination" one.

You see, the latter is pointless as long as we don't require a government-issued photo ID to vote. We already have no discrimination in voting, to the point that illegal aliens can vote. This is an amendment which is completely unnecessary because no one is being turned away from the polls, certainly not based on ethnicity, origin, or any other reason.

The former? Victims' rights are all well and good, but the whole movement sticks in my craw for reasons I have trouble defining. All I know is that if we had true Constitutional carry, lots of these "victims" wouldn't need an amendment to the state constitution because they wouldn't have been victimized in the first place.

Then I got to the rest of the ballot. All judges? NO.

There were three referenda, all of which I rejected:

1) Shall Illinois increase the minimum wage to $10 by January 2015? NO. Illinois is already one of the shittiest states for employment in the country; why make it worse?

2) Shall an additional 3% levy be imposed on people earning more than $1,000,000 per year? NO. If you have to pay an extra $30,000 in taxes because you earned $1,000,000.01 this year, you're going to do your damnedest to make sure you only earn $999,999.99, and the result is less money available for the economy. Besides, as stated on the ballot, the entire purpose of this tax is to feed more cash to the teachers' unions ("education" is the code word) which already get too much of our fucking money as it is. Not just "no" but "FUCK NO".

3) Shall all medical insurance plans be required to pay for birth control? NO. Birth control doesn't cost that damned much, and in the context of a blue state like Illinois "birth control" is merely a code phrase meaning "abortions". Besides, people like a hypothetical a 79 year old woman should not have to pay for birth control. She's not going to get pregnant.

...all of which will win, of course, because Democrat machine. Here in the Illinois S.S.R., you can vote however you please, but the same skunks win every time.

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