atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4445: Dralion!

Mrs. Fungus and I got back from Fort Wayne this afternoon around 2 PM. We'd hied ourselves out of the house around 12:30 PM yesterday, saw the show, had some dinner, spent the night, and drove back today.

What a show! If you've never seen a Cirque du Soleil performance live, I am telling you, go see one. It's not saying too much, nor is it exaggeration, for me to say that the acts are amazing. A couple of times I caught myself staring at the stage with a hand over my mouth in astonishment at the things those people do, things that require such skill and dexterity and athleticism that it makes me wonder how anyone could learn to do them.

I know that I could not do a lot of the things I saw done last night, not even if I regressed to age twelve and set out to be such a performer. I do not, and I have never had, the dexterity and grace required. The clown act--that I could do. Otherwise, no.

We had extremely good seats, too.

The drive to Fort Wayne was marred only by my disbelieving the GPS, which got us onto Route 30 and then said, "Drive 129 miles."

Me: "What?"

...turns out that is actually the best way to get to Fort Wayne from the Fungal Vale, but I only learned this after driving to I-80, getting on the toll road, stopping for lunch at Hardees, and getting a paper map. I honestly thought Fort Wayne was further north than it is; my error did not cost us a lot of time, though, and we had a very nice lunch that kept me going until showtime...and I only required a soft pretzel and some popcorn to keep me going until dinner at about 10 PM EST.

Once you get east of Valparaiso, the traffic lights stop (except for once in a long while) and traffic eases up, so it's possible to set the cruise control at 65 and loaf along, and it's nearly as fast as an interstate. So if I ever go to Fort Wayne again, I know how to get there.

* * *

Today the weather is typical November guck--cloudy, windy, wet, cold. Whee!

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