atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4446: President "Choom Gang"

Patterico has a bunch of pictures of Obama at his news conference the other day.

Mrs. Fungus saw clips from that press conference and told me that Obama looked like he was thoroughly toasted. Seeing these pictures now, I have to agree--that dude looked like he was high as a kite.

We're told that the subdued lighting at presidential press conferences is for "security" but I'm thinking it's probably more likely due to the effects that THC has on the autonomic nervous system; when you've been smoking a lot of weed your eyes don't respond to bright light they way they normally do, and ordinary amounts of illumination ("good reading light") seems too bright.

Besides, bright light has a way of revealing bloodshot eyes.

I can easily see President Toker smoking a couple of bowls--out of habit or whatever--then doing a hit or two of cocaine right before the presser in order to be "on", because otherwise it would be obvious that he was stoned to the gills.

The idea that a President could be a high-functioning drug user--that's not at all surprising. Look at Kennedy, for crying out loud, stoned out of his mind half the time on narcotic pain relievers. (I do have a bit of hesitation over referring to Obama as "high-functioning" but you don't get to be President if you're unable to resist, however temoporarily, the need for your next fix.)

Getting the drugs is also not a problem. The Secret Service prides itself on protecting the President--not just his life and health, but his reputation and public image. Someone on the staff would be more than willing to go get the stuff for the President, and the SS could easily justify testing it to ensure it's safe for presidential consumption. ("Heh, I'm testing the boss' weed, and I am so toasted....")

"Illegal"? At that level? The concept of "rule of law" is passe in D.C. anyway; what makes you think anyone in the White House cares enough about it to say anything to anyone? Particularly when it may mean losing your job (or worse) even to breathe a word of it to anyone outside?

And even given the news, and proof, that Barack Hussein is smoking ganja in the Oval Office, what do you think the media would do with that story?

A Bush caught smoking pot would be crucified, of course, but BHO? Hell no. We're talking about the news media which didn't report on stories that showed there were actually WMDs in Iraq because it might have vindicated the guy they hated.

If the news were to come out tomorrow that yeah, Obama has been smoking lots of weed in the White House (D.C. voted to legalize it; why not?) I would not be surprised, not even remotely. But it won't, because far too many people in the US believe that smoking pot is wrong--not just illegal but morally wrong--and it would make a bad political situation for him even worse.

Myself, I would merely be disgusted. I don't think pot should be illegal--the "war on some drugs" has proven to be an abject failure, for the same reasons Prohibition was--but I think it's idiotic to waste money on becoming intoxicated and I think it's amazingly irresponsible for someone in a leadership position to develop (or maintain) a dependency on recreational drugs. We would, for example, want to impeach a President who was drunk all the time, as his alcoholism would be obviously interfering with his ability to perform the duties of the office.

I think the same could be said of someone who smokes pot before press conferences. It's not going to happen, though.

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