atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4448: Sunday, and I don't feel like moving.

I was up too late last night. Mrs. Fungus was watching Boardwalk Empire and I was reading.

Before that I was playing WoW, and old Ormus was working on trying to get his legendary cloak before the quest chain goes away. I've gotten things to the point that I need 14 of an item which is only dropped by raid bosses sometimes. I ran all the raids that drop said item--in one sitting on Friday--and raids reset on Tuesday.

Problem is, the quest chain goes away on Thursday. I am not likely to complete the quest chain. *sigh*

It's really my own fault; I let Ormus' pursuit of his legendary cloak lapse for too long. One quest required winning a battleground (PvP) and every time I tried it, my side lost and I got killed a lot in the process, so I got discouraged. But, for the halibut, I tried it again Friday, and my second time through it my side won handily. The other thing I had to do was to kill an elite bad guy, which required a group--well, a guy in Ormus' guild was able to help with that.

On to the next part: getting "Secrets of the Empire" and exalted with the guy giving the quests. The latter was not hard to accomplish because it was Darkmoon Faire week, and riding the carousel gives a 10% buff to experience and rep gains, so farming reputation with the guy ("The Black Prince") was easy-peasy. But getting the Secrets--that's a random drop from, as I said, raid bosses, and you have one chance per week per boss for getting the drop.

Out of about 18 raid bosses defeated, I got six secrets; I need 14 more and I am not optimistic that I'll get them before the new patch goes live on Thursday.

Saturday morning, then, I went to bed at 3 AM, having done eight raids, up to and including the endgame raid "Downfall". That's the first time I ever did endgame content which was current. ...but it left me drained, and I went to bed not long thereafter. (I didn't have to be at work until 4 PM, which means getting up around 2:30. No problem.) Last night I started to do the other raids, but did some checking and learned that I had already gotten all my chances this week, so I gave up on that.

Ormus is now to the point that he can handle most of the encounters in Pandaria pretty well. With some careful equipping I've gotten his item level to 528, and I've worked out a double-whammy with his special attacks which seems particularly effective at dropping monsters. I don't expect him to be very well-equipped for Warlords of Draenor but that's part of the fun of a new expansion--getting new equipment--and I'm looking forward to leveling old Ormus to 100th level.

There's a reason that "Best Got Better" is Ormus' theme song.


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