atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4451: My chili is the bestest.

Around 5 PM yesterday I cooked up a pot of chili while Mrs. Fungus went to the store. About half an hour after she got home, we ate, and it was really good, as usual.

By bedtime, then (which was about 4 AM) we had eaten 80% of the pot. There is enough left for two small servings or one big one. I'm talking about a big pot of chili, too. I'm not sure how big the pot is, but if it's smaller than four quarts I'd be greatly surprised.

Yesterday was a good day for chili, anyway--cold, cloudy, wet, miserable--so I suppose it was inevitable, but I'm not used to having food I make just evaporate like that. Heh.

* * *

The stupidity of government knows no bounds. So the CBP can't afford to replace parts in government guns because the people who carry and use them are apparently too stupid to be allowed to field-strip them? Do I understand this?

As Denninger points out, if you're competent to use an AR-15, you're competent to clean the damned thing. To paraphrase his comment, anyone who's incapable of cleaning an AR-15 has no business using one to begin with; part of using a weapon is understanding its operation and maintenance. There's a reason why military weapons training includes thorough instruction on how to maintain the things, and it should be no different for any civilian police force.

Most firearms are designed to be easy to field-strip for cleaning and maintenance. The AR-15 is no exception to this.


* * *

Today it's 30° outside. It's November, so it's cloudy and cold. Who could have seen that coming?

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