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#4453: Yeah, just stop and stare!

So I'm on my way to work today and at the penultimate stoplight I have to deal with, I had just come to a stop behind a long line of cars when I see this huge cloud of white smoke up ahead. I kept an eye on the lead vehicle, because a car doesn't emit a cloud of white smoke like that on a cold winter day unless something major-league has gone wrong. I'm expecting to see someone get out of a car pretty soon, and if I see that--

Sure enough, the guy in the Suburban at the head of the line gets out, and I take that as my cue to get into the other lane. What had happened--I figured--is that idiot driving purple PT Cruiser wasn't paying attention and rammed the Suburban right in the trailer hitch, punching a huge hole in the radiator--and of course all that hot water on a cold winter day is going to make quite a big blow of steam.

The light turned green, and all the idiots in the right lane immediately decided they had to be in the left lane. Mr. Stupid White Car forces his way in front of me, without signaling, which I let go because I was moving maybe 2 MPH because the guy who formerly had been right in front of me had had another idiot do exactly the same thing to him, and anyway the light was staying green longer because there was traffic sitting still on the sensors.

Then Mr. Stupid White Car proceeds to crawl past the wreck, because obviously he's never seen a car accident before and THIS is the most amazing sight of his life! It's like, dude, if you wanted to analyze and discuss this truly unprecedented event you could have stayed in the right lane and taken all the time you wanted to look. Why do you have to get in front of me and do this? Idiot.

So then Suburban #2--with the eco plate, no less!--is in front of me as I'm going to the last stoplight, and of course he's going very slow himself. I could have gotten through the light before the left turners got the go-ahead, but of course Mr. Eco-conscious (in the gigantic gas-guzzling tank) is in front of me, so I had to wait. Then the light turned green, and he sat there staring in wonder at it, as if it had just been brought down from on high by an archangel.

The horn on the Jeep got a workout tonight. I'm just sayin'.

* * *

So, Mrs. Fungus has really been enjoying Boardwalk Empire. I have not been watching very much of it with her, because I am not enamored of gangster stories. I know who most of the characters are and I'll read while she's watching it.

Anyway, the series is full of people getting whacked, because gangsters, and they get whacked in fairly nasty ways, because--again--gangsters. They like cutting throats on that show, and last night one guy got scalped.

It's another one of those shows where there are absolutely no good guys anywhere in the story. There are just varying levels of evil. The main character, Enoch "Nucky" Thompson, is the treasurer for Atlantic City and he's had plenty of people whacked, and is about as corrupt as they come. (Naturally he's a Republican, right?) It's all set against the backdrop of Prohibition, of course.

I have to wonder: where is Joe Kennedy in all this? He was bringing liquor in during Prohibition--that's why the Kennedy family is so rich. I guess that's why it's set in Atlantic City instead of Boston, because if it had been there they would have had to include the Kennedys. Heh.

* * *

Anyway, the new expansion for WoW went live last night. One of the things that happens pretty quickly is that you get a garrison. The garrison has an outhouse which the PC can actually use.

Ormus used it, got outside, and then yelled, "FINALLY!" I mean, come on, he's 91st level now and that's the first time he's been able to hit the can....

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