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#4454: Snow, and stuff

It snowed last night, and it stuck. It was gone this morning, but there were little white spots all over the driveway, none larger than a silver dollar, as I was taking the trash out last night.

There is supposed to be snow this weekend. Hoo boy.

* * *

So, a guy named Jon Gruber was one of the architects of Obamacare, and now videos are coming out where he lets his hair down and talks about the nitty gritty.

Ace's latest talks about all the lies and deceit required of the Democrats to get their way, because if they'd told the truth about Obamacare people would have skipped voting Democrats out of office and gone right to lynching.

Ace, emphasis removed:
as a general matter, I think we'd probably like to get rid of the tax exempt status for health care benefits.

Note that McCain proposed doing just that in the 2008 election. His idea was that we would get rid of this exemption and instead give people an additional tax credit valued at the average cost of health insurance. Thus, people would be held harmless by the change, but we'd get rid of this government-made distortion in how employers pay their employees.

Barack Obama, get this, demagogued that plan and accused McCain of wanting to increase taxes on people.

And meanwhile, he schemed to achieve the same thing, except without that part about giving people an additional tax credit which would offset increased taxes, and, get this, without telling people he was getting rid of the tax exemption.

Once again -- subverting democracy by completely destroying the concept of Consent of the Governed.
Which means, basically, that Obamacare is the largest tax increase in US history. As I've said again and again.

I cannot say that I am outraged by this, not in the conventional sense, because this kind of behavior is exactly what I expect from leftists in general and Democrats in particular. You look at folks like Michael Dukakis or Walter Mondale--they lost elections by being honest about who they were and what they wanted. Getting angry at Democrats for using lies and deceit to pass laws that hurt everyone but them is like getting angry at a scorpion for stinging--it's just their nature, just as the way they convince themselves, "We have to lie to you for your own good! Otherwise you won't pick the things that we've decided are best for you!"

The same fools who wish that Barack Hussein could be a dictator "for just a couple of months!", thinking that he'd willingly give up that power after 60 days (and that he wouldn't use it to silence them) think this is a just and admirable thing to do.

Not surprising, not even remotely.

* * *

Coal costs half what it did three years ago. $65 a ton versus $120 in 2011.

Coal is one of those things that the world economy needs. You and me, we don't personally use coal, but coal is used to make electricity and steel, things we do need in one form or another. You cannot smelt iron ore into steel without coke, and coke comes from coal. (In the US we don't smelt much iron any more. We used to, but now we mainly recycle scrap iron, and we do so in electric arc furnaces. Guess where the electricity comes from.) (Hint: not windmills.)

If the world price of coal has fallen, it is not a good sign.

* * *

More snow in the forecast. We had snow on Halloween, but we then had two weeks without snow in them.

Snow in November--and the local news people are shitting themselves over it. OMG IT'S SNOWING HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN IN CHICAGO IN NOVEMBER WTF!!! It's like people forget that we live in a temperate zone and we have warm weather only about half the year, and after about Halloween or so it gets cold outside.

They're saying we'll have snow either tonight or Saturday night--I can't remember which--and it's looking like it'll be enough to stick.

* * *

So my right ear continues to hum about half the time. If I rinse out the ear with hot water during my daily shower--making sure to get a good hard jet of water into my ear--I don't hear the noise for a while afterwards, which leads me to believe that it's just earwax or something. Still, I'm going to have to go see a doctor about it, because a month's worth of rinsing out the ear as thoroughly as possible has not cured me of the hum. It still occurs, and it's irritating as hell sometimes.

Hopefully the doc will clean the gunk out and that'll fix it. *sigh*

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