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#4455: Some people shouldn't be tanks.

So last night Mrs. Fungus and I were playing on some older and neglected characters, and we got into a dungeon together.

We were teamed up with a panda tank named Fuua and a gnome healer named Pumpkincakes. After a few mobs had been dispatched, Pumpkincakes abruptly left the group.
Me: Pumpkincakes, you TRAITOR!

Me: It's like I always say--never trust a gnome named after a dessert!



Fuua: [ragequit]

Me: ...

Me: I guess someone has some sand in his vagina.
I mean, come on--WoW is a Massively Multiplayer On-line ROLE PLAYING GAME; if you can't handle that, maybe you should be playing Call of Duty or something.

Anyway, Fuua's tantrum had me and Mrs. Fungus laughing so hard we were both reduced to tears. He was such an anus, it was hilarious.

Mrs. Fungus: "Now I'm going to make a gnome named Pumpkincakes!"

* * *

Karl Denninger is right--the licensing of frequencies means that if you are not licensed to use a frequency, you may not transmit on it without breaking the law. Listening is fine, which is why so much effort has gone into encryption and other ways of keeping people from being able to watch TV from satellite feeds for free. (If you have DirecTV or Dish Network, what you are actually paying for is the decryption keys required to unscramble the signals.)

The government, by the way, is not exempt from the laws. (Theoretically, anyway.) I guess in the Obamanation anything goes, and government agencies are not required to abide by the federal communications laws which the rest of us would go to jail for breaking.

* * *

Last night my wife told me that I am a good man, and I realized that no one has ever told me that before.

* * *

The other day, then, there was this guy at the store, standing by the door as I walked up. He's come in some three or four times over the past several months, always with the same complaint: he uses his laptop for DJ-ing and such, and has lost one sound channel. Each time he comes in it's the same thing; he brings up the software that runs his DJ board and tries to play something, and it doesn't work to his specification.

Well, yesterday, I told him that the most I could do for him was to verify that his hardware was working, which I did--the sound comes from both channels--and that we don't support the software he's using. I told him that his best bet is to get the manual for the software and read it, because that will tell him how to operate it.

He left mad, but I don't really care. Look: you bring your machine in for something simple, a lot of times if it can be fixed in less than 15 minutes I'll just fix it and send you on your way. Simple things, where I don't have to learn anything new about anything and can go right to where I know the change needs to be made.

For example, if you don't like the way your computer goes to sleep after twenty minutes, I won't charge you to change that setting if that's all I have to do. If you come to me and your laptop suddenly stopped accessing the Internet, and it's because you inadvertently switched on Airplane Mode, I'm not going to charge you anything for switching off Airplane Mode and showing you what happened and how to fix it yourself if it ever happens again.

But if you come in every six to eight weeks with the same esoteric problem, expecting me to fix it for free every time, eventually I'm going to tell you that there's nothing I can do for you. Learn how to use your software, because we're not here to provide free lifetime support for a product we didn't even sell you.

I especially don't have time to fiddle with your junk when I'm booked solid for the next hour and a half and people are already lining up.

I'm going to tell you that we can't help you, because we can't. I can sell you a hardware diagnostic for $70 which will make sure that your computer's hardware is functioning, but it won't do squat about the actual problem you're having with your software. The techs in back don't have any more time for fucking around with that crap than those of us at the counter do, so rather than waste everyone's time and your money, I'm going to tell you to RTFM.

That's life in retail. Get used to it.

* * *

I drove home in a nearly continuous snow flurry. It doesn't look like we're going to get much snow.

My schedule has changed twice in as many days, so now I'm looking at about a 15-hour week (down from 27, but up from four) and it looks like I'll have some time to fuck around with the Jeep's cooling system. I'm going to do the complete flush that I should have done in July or August (and would have if there hadn't been a family-generated shitstorm going on) and hopefully that'll fix it for good and all.

Getting kind of tired of having to screw around with the cooling system every year. That's getting old.

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