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#4457: Yeah, that didn't happen.

I did wake up around noon today, but I made the mistake of laying back down "Just for a little bit!" after I was done in the bathroom. You know what happened next; I fell asleep. That "little bit" turned into four hours and now the sun is setting.


Well, I can still go out and get the materials I need tonight, and then I can do the work tomorrow. It's not going to be any warmer outside but maybe the wind won't be blowing as hard as it was today. I deserved the sleep, anyway.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus got me this stuff for earwax removal. I've tried various OTC preparations over the years, and haven't had much luck with them; this one is different. Last night I used it for the second time, and then when I went to rinse out my ear with the squeeze bulb, suddenly there was this OW HOT sensation. I was afraid that I'd gotten the water too hot and burned myself, but then noticed a funny feeling in my ear.

I had dislodged an epic wad of ear wax, which (after removal from my ear) was now laying on a bit of toilet paper. The OW had come from the earwax being dislodged, and the HOT was ear canal that had formerly been covered with earwax being hit with warm water.

This stuff actually works.

The hum is still present, but has changed a bit in character. That means there's still gunk in my ear, which means I'll be applying this stuff again.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus is watching the news, and predictably enough they're shitting themselves over the winter weather we're experiencing in November. ZOMGWTFBBQ it's cold outside, as if that's never happened before and we're all doomed.

It only happens every year.

Now the national news--the anchor is gravely intoning the fact that cold air "blankets" the nation and many nothern states are experiencing snow.

--in winter--

* * *

I think the only people, at this point, who find bad economic news to be UNEXPECTED!!! are Keynesian economists. See, according to Keynes' theory, with all the deficit spending and money printing that's going on, the economy should be going great guns. We all, goes the theory, ought to be ass-deep in $100 bills.

Problem: nearly all of us are not, in fact, ass-deep in $100 bills. Quite the opposite. There are a precious few who need vast warehouses to store their uncountable stacks of pallets of $100 bills, but they are a bare fraction of the population. This 0.1% of us has as much money as all the rest combined.

Obamanomics has finally succeeded in the great progressive dream of making the rich richer and the poor poorer, something that bumbling dotard Ronald Reagan could only imagine doing. Oh, he tried, really he did, but all he managed to do was to make everyone richer. In the process, a whole bunch of the wrong people got wealthier, and stopped depending on government, and we simply cannot have that.

Sarcasm aside, the Keynesian economics that have ruled the roost for the past several decades have reached their endgame, and it's one which was entirely predictable by anyone with a brain. (Anyone not educated at an ivy league school.) Their failure is manifest now, not obscured by good economic news, because there is none.

Keynesian economists, though, are still dumbfounded by their failure. "We're doing everything the Great Guru said to do, and it's not working! Why isn't it working?"

It's not working because we're in a depression, and the depression will continue as long as the market is prevented from working. Because if the market is allowed to work, very rich men in New York City will find themselves broke, and like most people they don't want that--only these men have the wherewithal to buy as many politicians as required to emplace policies that prevent the market from functioning.

Many of those politicians are similarly rich men, anyway.

* * *

I have to admit that laying in a warm bed instead of being out in the cold was probably a nicer way to spend my afternoon, but it wasn't very productive. *sigh*

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