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#4859: The worst of the worst is the worst.

For example, what's worse than getting eight inches of snow in the space of a few days? How about eight FEET of snow?

I mean, holy crap--that puts NYC's whining about "Snowmageddon" over 15 inches of the stuff into the "STFU weenies" category.

Well--it's early in the season, so the Great Lakes are still relatively warm; you get a frigid mass of air moving over them and hell yes you're going to see lake-effect snow...and quite a lot of it.

Here in the Fungal Vale we got eighty inches of snow over the course of about three and a half months--before Halloween we last had snow in mid-April--and that was an unusually snowy winter at that. Buffalo got that much in one day.

Fifteen years ago the acolytes of the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia were saying that all too soon, snow would be a thing of the past because of irreversible man-made global warming.

As if.

* * *

Al Sharpton doesn't pay his taxes or bills. If I don't pay my bills, my services get shut off. If Al Sharpton doesn't pay his bills...he runs up a tab.

If you owed the government over four million dollars in back taxes, what do you think would happen to you?

* * *

I am getting tired of the notion that pubic hair is disgusting. That's what I take from this Advice Goddess post about feminists declaring that women removing hair is a patriarchal conspiracy or WTF-ever the nonsense du jour is.

Oh, her blockquote is what prompted that thought:
No-Shave November, with its giggling discussions about body hair, usually brings about the same boring jokes about women's body hair, reminding women that they should be shaved clean for the pleasure of the male gaze.
We don't have to play the part of the perfect pussy-shaving housewife in order to support prostate cancer research. We can turn ourselves into the human Chia Pets of men's nightmares with flowing '70s bushes, bristly leg hair,...
I guess if your society is sex-obsessed, this sort of thing is to be expected, but I sure as hell didn't vote for this.

* * *

So then we get to this post on Nanatsu Taizai, by SDB. At the end of the post, he says:
UPDATE: I need to get my mind out of the gutter. Does Diane have the biggest breasts in anime? Proportionally, no, but in absolute terms she may well.
I read that, then laid back down, and my mind immediately began to whirl.

As a giantess, I reasoned, Diane is about 50 feet tall, which is perhaps 10x the size of a normal human female. (She is actually 100 feet tall, but I did all my calculations with a 10x figure, so there we go.) Given that Steven does not mention any male giants, Diane is obviously in need of, shall we say, a marital aid; how big would it have to be?

And what would it have to be made of? Metal is a no-go; it's cold and at the size we're talking the thing would weigh tons. Okay, figure ten inches in diameter and about five feet long--solid steel (or even aluminum) would simply weigh too much, it would take too long to warm up, and if you wish to incorporate a "massage" function it would take too much power.

Finally I settled on a hollow polyethylene plastic core surrounded by silicone gel, and for the "massage" function I figured a moderately sized chainsaw engine would be enough.

...and then I realized I was trying to engineer a dildo for a giantess. Getting my mind into the gutter would be an improvement.

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