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#445: Global warming, the sun, and you. Part II

A must-read if you care about the science behind the global warming scare. And I have garnered a few graphs from that PDF which I think are very important.

We are told that CO2 is causing global warming. CO2, we are told, is a greenhouse gas which--when it comes from man-made sources, will "tip the delicate balance of Earth's climate" and force the planet into runaway global warming. Here is a graph showing arctic temperature anomalies versus CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere:

Particularly if you concentrate on the last forty years, it looks pretty convincing.

Now here is a graph showing the same arctic temperature anomalies versus solar output:


This next graph shows some even more interesting data. Overall the Earth is warmer now than it was 12,000 years ago, but since the beginning of the Holocene global temperatures have been gradually falling--very gradually--with a slightly more marked cooling trend since Year Zero. Only if you look at just the data from the last century can you see any serious warming at all:

...and that "serious warming" amounts to about 0.5° celcius. In the context of the climate over the past 1,000 and 10,000 years, though, it is utterly insignificant. In fact, if you limit yourself to data series of 100 years you can find any number of warming and cooling trends all over that graph, some a lot steeper than that of the last century, and with higher peaks--ie, more global warming.

Which I have been saying, over and over and over again, whenever anyone tried to tell me that I had my head in the sand because I was denying "global warming".

Of course I have merely been saying that global warming is not due to human activity, but since that opinion runs counter to the agenda of those who insist "global warming=man made=apocalypse", I have my head in the sand and I'm denying the existence of global warming.

It really is a shame that facts like these exist. For them, I mean.

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