atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4866: White!

Last night, when I went to bed (around 4 AM) it was still a murky, rainy November night. Not chilly--the temps hung in around the 50 degree mark all day, as long as it had been raining--but still just rotten weather all around.

I had a gander out the front door as I was brushing my teeth, then closed it and went back to the bathroom to continue my pre-bed routine, and thought no more about it.

In the last dream I had before waking up, I was at work naked. None of my coworkers said anything about at all, and I didn't realize until perhaps two minutes before the store was about to open that holy shit I'm not wearing my uniform. I mean, it was all well and good to be at work naked, but you can't be naked in front of clients! So then I proceeded to try to get dressed, and I climbed under the counter (which is flatly impossible in real life, BTW) to do so out of sight. And of course trying to sort out the bundle of clothes and get them arranged correctly on my frame was frustrating and taking too long, and there was already one guy waiting to be served, and--

I sure know how to do anxiety dreams. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, so after waking up and laying in bed for a while trying to get back to sleep, and failing, hydraulic pressure decided me on hitting the can...and on my way there, I saw a flash of white outside the window.

Detoured to the kitchen for further inspection and--yeah--there's snow on the ground. It stuck only to the grass; the pavement is merely wet. It's not even complete coverage of the grass, as I can see places where it failed to stick for whatever reason or another.

Still--accumulating snow in the last week of November. Whee!

* * *

Apparently Windows 8.1 update number KB3000850 will fuck up your system if you have Avast! installed.

Having been forewarned, I've removed Avast! from my system until they get this fixed. I've got Webroot on the system anyway.

Webroot is the one antivirus package I know of that plays nice with other packages, but having two on my system is "belt and suspenders" rather than any real necessity.

* * *

Looked over the verbatim comments yesterday, for the first time since the new junkware employee system went live at work. That marked the first time I was able to log onto the damned thing.

Anyway, I was looking through the client comments for any that mentioned me, and then saw one that made me laugh out loud for quite a piece. Flanked, above and below, by wordy comments, there was a "promoter" comment which consisted of a single word: "ED"

It made me think the client was so overwhelmed by my awesome skill that--when he took the survey--he was powerless to say anything other than my diminutive.


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