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#4867: The experiment was a success.

Okay, first off--because it was below freezing all day, I had a pretty good opportunity to test the Jeep's heater, and it works again. Roasty-toasty air comes out the vents (and it doesn't cool off when the blower's on high), the temp gauge remains in its normal range, and on my way to work I was considering opening a window to cool the interior because I was roasting with the blower on low.

It was colder after the sun set, and on my way home I was still nice and warm. When Mrs. Fungus and I went to the store, again, nice and toasty in the Jeep's cabin.

Now here's hoping it stays fixed this time.

* * *

Second: today I bought a 1 TB Toshiba external hard drive, one of the 2.5" drives that gets its power from the USB port it's plugged into. I bought this thing because it's currently on sale at the screamingly low price of $45, so low that it's well below the regular employee discount price. At that price--about $0.05 per gigabyte--I couldn't not do it; this drive is regularly priced around $80-$90, for crying out loud.

I also bought it because I wanted to try plugging one of these things into the USB port on the BluRay player, hoping that the player's USB port was a full implementation of the USB standard and could power such a hard drive. It turned out that it could, and so I was able to watch anime from the 1 TB drive.

My plan is to copy to this drive all the anime from the old hard drives out of Cephiro, then leave it plugged into the BD player. That way I have near-instant access to most of the downloaded anime I have (eschewing the series I didn't like, and excluding ones that aren't encoded in the right formats) without having to do anything as complicated as finding a place for Cephiro near the TV stand. Also, I don't have to burn DVDs or screw around with WiFi dongles (like Chromecast or what-have-you).

Sustained transfer rate: 105 MB/s. That's megabytes per second, which is f-ing fast for an external drive. That's USB 3.0 for you!

* * *

So this evening, along with everything else I had to do, I cooked up a batch of brine. I used two quarts of chicken broth and two quarts of homemade turkey stock, and the bunker smells heavenly. The brine is now cooling on my workbench in the garage, and it'll be ready to go when it's time to put the bird in it. Whee!

The bird is a frozen--now defrosting--Rosebud turkey, "all natural". (As if there were turkeys that are being machined from inorganic materials? For human consumption? "The Smokeywood Pastures Thanksgiving Turkee, now guaranteed to be up to 87% organic!") I gather that the "all natural" monicker means that the turkey was not raised on food spiked with growth hormones and whatnot, but I couldn't care less about that nonsense. I just care what the thing tastes like after it's been cooked, and I know that's gonna be so damned good it'll make me want to punch myself in the face.

* * *

So, predictably, after the grand jury decided not to indict officer Wilson, the blacks have erupted into violence, looting, pillaging, and burning whatever they can.

The news channels are full of video clips of mobs, smashing, grabbing, stealing, burning, all with huge grins on their faces. The talking heads all refer to them as "protestors" but they are emphatically not; what they are is looters and rioters and arsonists.

The government's response is to let them loot and pillage and burn.

IMHO, I think the next step ought to be the city government of Ferguson, MO, saying, "Well, okay now. You guys burned all that stuff. If you want any of that stuff to be replaced, you'll have to replace it yourselves, because it's not our responsibility to see to it that you have gas stations or McDonald's or dollar stores." Whoever owns the properties can do as he likes, of course, but without any help from the municipality of Ferguson.

I was raised in a highly non-racist family, to the point that I never heard the word "nigger" before I started attending public school. But every time I see something like this happening--

If these people were protestors they would not be hauling away as much loot as they could, grinning all the while. If they were angry about the decision they would not be raiding Dollar Tree for whatever they could carry, or breaking windows on the McDonald's.

Meanwhile the race hucksters like Jackson and Sharpton go before the cameras, intoning grave words about healing and peace, but inside they're grinning like maniacs and rubbing their hands together in glee, because they know that their cash cow is just about ready to deliver another wad of moolah into their pocketbooks.

The whole thing is disgusting and annoying. The worst part is that the people being whipped into this frenzy by the progressive elite don't even realize that they're being used. But the progs need this kind of thing every so often because it keeps blacks from straying from the Democrat reservation.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus watched one report which showed video of a white woman falling to the ground in front of police, screaming and thrashing. Mrs. Fungus figured the woman was trying to get the cops to restrain her, but the police just stood there and watched the woman make an abject fool of herself.

...which is the 100% correct reaction to that stupid crap. As for the stupid bitch, if she wanted the police to restrain her, she should have attacked them...but if she did that she might have gotten hurt. Apparently her dedication to the cause is enough that she's willing to look pathetic and inept in her lame attempt at being an agent provocateur, but she's not willing to get cracked over the noggin with a tonfa, or tased.

I guess everyone has his limits.

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