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#4869: It is kind of a shame that you can't daisy-chain them.

Looking at the three external drives lined up next to each other--the drives from Cephiro, less the thing's original 160 GB drive (reinstalled in October)--I keep thinking that it'd be really cool to connect all of them at once. Floristica has enough USB 3.0 ports to do it, but I can't figure out how to power them all when the outlets are full, and in fact there's no real need to connect them all at once.

In the old C-64 days, if you had more than one serial device you ran one cable to the computer, then plugged each successive device into the one ahead of it. They called that a "daisy chain" and it worked very well. The spec for USB being what it is, naturally the capacity for daisy chaining devices was not included even though USB is a serial bus and it could have been done.

The Commodore serial bus was not exactly as fast as USB 3.0 is, though.

* * *

Real life imitates art. The cops did it wrong! When you are attacked by a fiend wielding a banana, you shoot him and eat the banana, thus rendering him helpless!

On the plus side, because he had a banana, and not raspberries, animal control didn't have to contend with a tiger....

(Just go watch the video.)

* * *

I can't find it now, but I read an article saying that Obamamnesty is going to make it harder for citizens and legal residents to find jobs. Why?

Well, because illegal aliens aren't eligible for Obamacare. So, if a business hires amnestied illegals, they don't count towards the number of employed workers who must get health insurance, meaning that the business doesn't have to provide them with health insurance or pay the $3,000 tax--and that means that businesses now have an incentive to hire illegal aliens over legal residents!

Isn't that lovely?

I finally had to tell my wife to turn the f-ing news off last night when the local media fawned over the way Obama dealt with "hecklers". JWF mentions this in a post on the massive opposition to Obamamnesty, but it doesn't convey the media creaming its jeans over how Obama let the hecklers "have their say" and didn't have them tossed out.

When George Bush gets a shoe thrown at him (and adroitly avoids it) the disdain is obvious, and the media drips with contempt for how Bush deserved it. If Bush had been a Democrat, they would have praised his dexterity: "Man, did you see how he avoided that? It was a thing of beauty!" If Obama were Republican, all else being equal the focus would have been on how justified the "hecklers" were in taking him to task for his awful and lackluster response to the issue...but instead the would-be Jesus is lauded to heaven for his openness.

I do suspect, as many do, that the "hecklers" were in fact astroturf, because when Obama is forced off-script he is never as glib as he was in this instance. His response to an inconvenient question during an interview is proof enough of that.

Meanwhile, Obama himself refers to his "executive action" as "changing the law", a power which the Executive does not have, at least according to our outdated, hidebound, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic Constitution which was written by dead white males of privilege.


* * *

So, here's where all the protests are coming from. They're coming from the usual leftist groups. This isn't about justice for Michael Brown (whatever the hell that might be, considering that he got shot while trying to act like he was some kind of thug) but about pushing the narrative that the US government system is constructed solely to give power to racists who are just itching to gun down black people for whatever reason they can find.

The aim is to make things as bad as possible, so that the people will demand that a strong man fix things, a la Lenin-Stalin-Hitler-Mao-Castro.

And of course the people who are doing this are happy to do it as long as it takes place in someone else's neighborhood.

Borpatch then points out that Detroit had riots like these in the 1960s and never really recovered from them. It's like I said yesterday: it doesn't make sense to rebuild your business in a place where savaged burned it down, because what's to stop it from happening again the next time some idiot gets himself shot?

* * *

The annual parade of political idiocy. Here's a simple way to avoid having your leftist politics challenged when you step outside of your echo chamber: KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT, BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT.

I do find it amusing that leftists have to tell each other how to get through Thanksgiving when they might be exposed to alternate points of view. Because their idiocy is almost entirely unsupported by facts, they can't actually debate the merits of their views using anything concrete, and when confronted by someone who can't be intimidated into silence and doesn't care about leftist shibboleths their only possible response is to run away and blame their opponent ("He's just a NAZI!") because they can't be wrong or anything.

* * *

I don't know how to end this, and I need to go to the store for a few things, so I guess that's about the height of the pile today. Whee!

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