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#4870: One thing leads to another

Wanted to take a picture yesterday, but found that the batteries in my camera had leaked, leaving the battery door encrusted with akaline crystals. Finally I realized that I could probably dunk that part in vinegar to remove most of it, and as it turned out the vinegar trick cleaned it completely so that it looked like new.

Except that when I was trying to get the thing open it had been so encrusted that the hook on the door broke off. The camera now works splendidly as long as I hold the battery door in.


It's seven years old and it cost me around $100 when I bought it, but one of the things I like the most about it is that it doesn't need a special rechargeable battery; it takes AA batteries. (The very thing, ironically, that doomed it.) Because rechargeables don't hold a charge in storage, if you don't use your camera every day you need to plan when you're going to take pictures.

So--any replacement I buy will need to use AA batteries, if that capability still exists. Argh etc.

* * *

Monday, my wife wanted to go to the store. It had rained and then snowed, of course, leaving our vehicles encrusted in ice. Because this was the first winter weather of the season her scraper was in the trunk, and the trunk was frozen shut, so she was unable to clear off her windows and go to the store.

This afternoon, then, as I got up, I saw that her trunk was open. I went outside to put the scraper in the back seat and close the trunk, but the unlock button on the key didn't unlock the car...and then I realized that oh shit the battery was probably dead. Trunk light being on for unspecified time--check.

Sure enough, the battery had enough oomph to light a couple of idiot lights on the dash, but nothing else. I opened up the garage, hooked up the battery charger, and came back inside.

That one's going to take a few hours.

* * *

The kitchen faucet has been leaking.

Water would dribble out of the thing, from the base of the spout, where it screws into the fixture. The water would dribble into the sink, though, so it wasn't such a big deal. It's sealed with an o-ring, and since I have an assortment of o-rings from Harbor Freight I figured I could use one of them to replace the damaged one. Tuesday night I did that, and was able to stop the leak.

Wednesday it was leaking a little bit, but not as bad as before, so I didn't worry about it...until I was washing dishes after dinner and noticed that my right foot kept encountering a puddle of water. Once I was done with the dishes I investigated, and ended up pulling everything out of the cabinet and using up an entire roll of paper towels to mop up all the water that had dribbled out of the f-ing faucet. With the faucet on, there's a steady stream--a little one--coming right down from there, and with it off, nothing. So the cabinet is dry, at least.

So now I don't know what the hell is going on with the damned thing, and I don't have time today to mess with it. The kitchen sink is out of commission until I do.

It's one o-ring that I replaced; I didn't do anything else. WTF.

* * *

Of course stores are open tonight.

Looking at Not Always Right I see that some people have the attitude that if you work in retail, you don't get to have a family or a life. If you'd made better choices in life you'd be able to take the day off and relax, but because you're a retail worker, you'll just have to suck it up and live a life of misery.

People who think that are assholes.

Forget the fact that without retail employees these supercilious bastards would not have a place to spend all their money. The attitude displayed by these people reeks of privilege: "You see, I have today off because I worked hard to get where I am. You obviously did not work hard, because otherwise you might be worth something."

So the thing I wonder: the people at major retailers who make these decisions, to be open on Thanksgiving--do they go put in a full day of work today? Or are they sitting at home watching football and otherwise partying?

Somehow I think it's the latter.

* * *

Still--today I am thankful. Well, technically, I'm thankful every day, but today in particular--the day we've set aside to think about it and thank God for our blessings--I am especially thankful.

I know how to fix things and have the tools to do so. The sink is only temporarily out of service, until I have time to figure out what's wrong. The car's battery is charging; I don't need to call a tow truck. My Jeep has heat, and it only cost me parts and an afternoon's time rather than the $500-odd it would have cost to have a mechanic do the work.

Unlike many people, I was able to have a proper Thanksgiving dinner:

...and not only eat the food but cook it, which I had never done before 2012, yet look at that turkey! LOOK AT IT! I mean, it looks like it came off the cover of Better Homes and Gardens or something, and it was so juicy and tasty and....


And somehow, in a world grown cold and lifeless, I met the woman who miraculously became my wife, and brought warmth and love back into my life, where I had come to think none was possible.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

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