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#446: Another reason to avoid McAfee, and other comments

I had to download a special program just to uninstall it. I mean, W-T-F is that crap?

* * *

I bought a pack of "Simply Asia" instant noodles, for $1.49...and I got ripped off.

The noodles themselves have the texture of undercooked pasta, but that's not the main problem. The main problem is that this stuff doesn't have any food value. The chief advantage of most instant noodles (read "ramen") is that while it may not be the best thing for you, at least it contains calories.

Ramen is dried by being immersed in hot oil--not quite deep-fried--so it ends up around 14-18 grams of fat per pack. That, at least, gives you energy on which to function.

This stuff? 3 grams. That's not even enough to keep me going for fifteen minutes. And the alleged "chicken" flavor is redolent of cardboard.

So I'm not going to buy more of this crap. It's Nissin's shrimp noodles for me. $0.50 per pack and it actually includes a few tiny freeze-dried shrimp, in addition to real vegetables and proper noodles.

* * *

The Senate passed a bill which will, among other things, force automakers to raise their "Corporate Average Fuel Economy" to 35 MPG.

Right now, cars and SUVs/trucks are in different categories, and cars are expected to average higher than trucks. If the Senate has its way, however, that will go away, and all of an automaker's vehicles will be included in that single 35 MPG average.

Most of the Democrat Senators are for this, except the ones from states with auto-related industries. They oppose it. Why?

Well, naturally, because this bill might as well be called the "give foreign automakers a leg up in the American market...again bill". Something like this is the last thing American automakers need right now; the Big Three are losing money (Ford is hemhorraging it) on every car they sell. Making them adhere to a higher average is going to force them to build more underpowered cars, which people won't buy, and...well, I need not complete that thought, need I?

On the House side, a measure to tax oil companies and give tax breaks to "renewable" energy companies failed to pass. That, at least, is good, because increasing taxes on oil companies would just drive up the price of petroleum products.

Do Democrats actually understand economics? I have to wonder.

* * *

It's "gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgendered" month. Everyone wear purple and lisp.

* * *

After my trip to the Philippines--which is in just two weeks!--I'm going to finally start working on the '86 Fiero again.

First thing is to finish detailing the engine cradle, cleaning the engine compartment, replacing the rubber fuel lines, and reinstalling the fuel tank.

Then I'll find a machine shop and get the machine work going, so I can build the engine later this summer, or maybe in autumn.

The engine wiring harness needs a thorough going-over, of course, much the way the entire car needs it.

And then, I've got to find a place to buy some 20-gauge sheetmetal, so I can start repairing my frame rails. They don't have much rust but I want to prevent more from forming. Once the frame rails are repaired I can install the new rear clip. And this, and that, and, and....

* * *

It's hard to believe that it's summer now. Today it's cool and cloudy, maybe somewhere around 70°F. And it's June.

But in six weeks, 70°F will feel like winter. Once we get past July it's going to be hot around here.

If nothing else, I'm hoping that my trip to the Philippines makes it feel cooler here.

* * *

I would talk about anime, but I haven't watched anything since the 14th. I've been too busy with other stuff.

The last thing I watched wasn't even anime; it was the live-action Hana Yori Dango. It was pretty good stuff, too--although the plot resolution was a little abrupt and contrived, it was still entertaining. It makes me want to buy all the tankoban (trade paperbacks) and read them on my trip to the Philippines.

Maybe I'll do that. I have through volume 4 already. In two weeks I'm facing about 22 hours on various airplanes....

* * *

This is being written about 20, 30 minutes after I ate those stupid noodles, and I'm hungry again. What a waste of money.

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