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#4873: At least there is balance.

After Thursday, Friday, and Saturday being busy as hell, today I had an easy day, and after about 6:30 there was no one needing Geek Sqaud, so I loafed.

This was good, because all day I felt like last week's dog's breakfast.

Yesterday at work I banged my head into a corner of the back counter while I was trying to reassemble a popcorn popper that someone had returned. I didn't see stars, but it hurt, and as the day went on I began developing a headache. It wasn't too bad by the time I left at 4, and it receded after I got home and had a pub burger. I needed a nap (because I closed Friday night and opened Saturday, 10p and 9a respectively) and I woke up with a splitting headache and nausea.

A concussion? From that?

Three ibuprofen and some food muted the headache, but I still had it when I went to bed last night around 3 AM, so I took another three ibu. I did not sleep well, and when I woke up today at 12:30 I briefly considered calling off work today...but I didn't have a headache and I was merely tired, so I gutted it up and went OF COURSE.

I did however make a command decision that I would be late, perhaps up to half an hour--something that has happened perhaps twice since I began working there. (Sure, I've been 2-3-5 minutes late lots of times, nothing egregious, but this was late late.)

It amounted to about fifteen minutes. No one cared.

I dragged myself around the precinct today, doing my job to the best of my ability, even while fatigue gnawed at my bones. Fortunately the new guy was there, and he likes how I train, so I let him do the work while I helped him through the spots he didn't know.

...actually, Saturday night I found myself giving him a pep talk. He was dismayed at how much there is to know compared to what he has already learned, and he was blaming himself for the extra-long lines we had most of Saturday. I set him straight; I explained to him that no one can do this job perfectly right out of the box, that there is going to be a learning curve for it, and that everyone understands because they've all been where he is now. I also told him that there's no f-ing way in hell (I used nicer words but I think I got the point across) that the big line was his fault. It was the combination of no appointments with everyone and his asshole bringing their junk in that caused that egregious line. I told him he was doing just fine and not to sweat the details, because he was catching on faster than he thought he was.

He seemed cheerful when he left, which was good. I don't know where that pep talk came from (I have some idea though, and it's not me) but I think it did him some good. He's a good kid. Today he helped a client front-to-back without needing anything from me but my login for the service order application, and I made sure to tell him "good job!"

If there is one thing that place is sorely lacking, it is encouragement.

But since the kid was there, I let him do the tedious bits so he'd learn, and helped him with the tough spots, and the work got done without me having to make all kinds of fortitude and willpower saving throws.

Got KFC on the way home because the kitchen sink was still out of commission (note use of past tense--more on that in a few) and had dinner, then watched some anime.

The other thing I did yesterday was to start watching Haganai, and I really like it. I got to ep 5 last night before I forced myself to go to bed, and I'd probably still be watching it if ep 6 had been subtitled right. The BD player won't display them, so I can't really understand what's going on, which means I'll have to watch a few eps here at the PC instead. Even so, I really like this series, and I'm going to have to find Haganai Next and gank that motha.

So--my food digested and a couple eps of anime under my belt, I hied myself into the kitchen and had a gander at the sink. I decided to remove the faucet and see WTF was going on, because it looked like it was leaking from the sprayer hose fitting. Removing it required a pair of channel locks and some patience, and soon I was examining the thing in good light.

So what was happening? The o-ring I put in Tuesday night got pinched, somehow, so it wasn't making a good seal. Water was leaking past it, but instead of flowing out by the base of the spigot it was running down inside the body of the fitting, and coming out around the hose fitting. So I tried the next size smaller o-ring and it went in fine, sealed properly, and (after reassembly) didn't leak.

Now, before, with the faucet just trickling cold water, it leaked almost immediately. Now, with both taps wide open, nary a drip.

So I washed the dishes.

We'd had dishes piled up since Wednesday night, when we had Thanksgiving dinner (because I had to work Thursday night). I'd discovered the leak Wednesday night, right after getting the dishes from dinner washed up, and what was on the counter was what had accumulated since then. Got everything done and started to put a detergent tab in the washer--

Water all over the place. MOTHERFU--

Well: it turns out that the back edge of the sink is leaking, where it's affixed to the countertop. So I figure all I need to do is to get some clear silicone and run a bead along there, then run my finger along that to clear away the excess and seal the gap.

That'll do for the interim; the real fix is to find the warranty information for the countertop and see whether or not the thing is still covered. The sink is bonded to the underside of the countertop; that was done at the factory and it ought to last longer than six years, damn it. And if it is still under warranty, then we get the company to send someone out here to fix this shit.

(A roll of nickels and a popsicle stick says it had a 5-year warranty, though....)

I was so proud of fixing that faucet Tuesday night, too. Well, like many things, I had to do it twice. That's the old family curse.


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